October 25, 2011

Raymond Gervais 3 X 1

Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery at Concordia University
Raymond Gervais, 3 + 1 = , 1977.
Photo: Pierre Boogaerts.

This exhibition presented in two parts, examines a significant body of work produced over a 35-year period by this Québécois conceptual artist whose practice resonates deeply with contemporary art and attitudes. Presented in two parts at the Ellen Gallery and at VOX, Contemporary Image Centre later in 2012, sound, image and text form the three central axes around which the exhibition addresses problematics that Gervais has explored since the beginning of his career. Bringing together more than 40 works and documents produced since 1975 that include objects, texts, images or refer to installations and performances, the exhibition reveals a complex practice that weaves together phonography, the history of music and of literature and underlines the significant influence he has had on sound-related practices.


The first part presented at the Ellen Gallery will bring together works and documents from the 70s and 90s illustrating the passage from sound to image in his practice as well as his use of musical instruments and sound devices such as the record player, the cassette recorder, the metronome and the vinyl record.


A richly illustrated publication coproduced with VOX and edited by Nicole Gingras accompanies the exhibition. It includes an analysis by the curator of Gervais’s practice since its beginnings in the 70s and a text by the artist that tracks his integration of the visual in his sound practice in the mid 1970s.


Exhibition opening reception:
Tuesday November 1 at 5:00 pm


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Tour of the exhibition with the curator, presentation by the artist and panel discussion.


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