November 23, 2011

Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM)

Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM)
Roman Hahlbrock, Jonas Zais: “Save Our Space,” Installation Rundgang 2011

The Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM) offered an educational concept, unique within Germany, which brings film, art and science together in one degree course: Media and Fine Art. As such the KHM is an art school with a focus on media, and a film school that sees its origins in the artistic moving image.


The course of study fosters concurrent engagement in various skills, so that students gain knowledge in a wide range of practical and artistic disciplines. The stage one imparts the basics of theory and artistic practise. The stage two, along with postgraduate courses, then concentrate on individual specialisations in artistic disciplines such as photography, feature film, documentary and experimental film, camera, directing, scriptwriting, animation, video and light art, media design, media scenography, experimental computer sciences, sound, sculpture and public art.


This practise-oriented study is supplemented by theoretical seminars and lectures, for example on the aesthetics and history of the arts and media. The ateliers, studios and labs of the KHM where the students work are equipped with high quality equipment, reflecting the diversity of the fields of study and current developments in media technology. Study is supervised by an international team of professors and assistants as well as a network of fellows and guest lecturers, and additional support is provided through on-going cooperation with colleges and academies, both within Germany and internationally, cultural institutions, festivals, exhibition organisers and companies within the media and film branch. 

This also prepares the ground for the building of networks and activities in the broad field of arts and media that students work in after graduating. This field ranges from successful film directors, cinematographers, scriptwriters to artists, programmers, designers and producers, working both independently and in collectives.


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