February 24, 2012

Escola São Paulo: Call for applications

Escola São Paulo

Architecture, Art Business, Cinema/Video, Coaching in Entrepreneurship, Cultural Management, Design, Photography, Gastronomy, Management/Business, History, Literature, Fashion, Medias, Music, Theater and Visual Arts


If you are interested in one of these areas and want to have experiences that make a difference, getting to know Escola São Paulo is a must. We are located in São Paulo, the major metropolis and the most influential city in Brazil.


Escola São Paulo offers further education through culture and in fields related to the Creative Economy. Key activities include a wide range of courses, lectures and workshops.


Students have the opportunity to connect with the best and most up-to-date professionals in the market, as they interact, share, feel and learn through practical activities. The school acts as a space that encourages entrepreneurship and experiences from a contemporary perspective, so students learn to move between different fields and disciplines, fleshing out their knowledge throughout dynamic courses and workshops.


With a strong focus in courses that help the students find their inner-entrepreneur, Escola São Paulo has designed programs with different lengths.


The school offers short-courses—from 1 week, 6 months up to 1-year courses. Commencing this year the school launches a 18 months course in Fashion (Creation and Management). All courses perfectly fit international students’ necessities and promoting a multidisciplinary education and complementing the long-term course’s structure.


We offer courses specially designed for those looking to optimize their time during summer (January/February) and winter (July/August) vacations in São Paulo.




6-Month Courses
Architecture: Sustainable Spaces (from March 8 to June 21)
Trend Research and Cool Hunting (from March 7 to June 20)
Photography: Theory and Practical (from March 5 to June 25)
Fashion Journalism: Composing and Style (from March 2 to July 6)
Documentary: Fundaments (from March 2 to June 29)
Design: Repertoire, Fundaments and Historical examples (from March 1 to June 28)


1-Year Courses
Cinema: Concept to Short-film (from March 13 to November 22)
Fashion: Creative Process to Management (from March 5 to November 26)
Fashion: Creative Process to Management – Saturdays only (from March 3 to December 8)


Technical (18-Month)
Fashion: Intensive (from February 27 to June 2013)


To see the list of up-coming courses go to our website 


Escola São Paulo Card: grants you 6 months of unrestricted access to courses, lectures and workshops.  


Isabella Prata
55 11 9250 9093
[email protected] 


Escola São Paulo
Rua Augusta, 2239
São Paulo – Brazil
+55 11 3060 3636
[email protected]
Facebook: | Twitter: @escolasaopaulo


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