The Orphanage Project
The Herndon Gallery at Antioch College
Above: Zachary Cahill, “Orphanage Project 2012,” 2011.
Mixed Media.
Photo by Zachary Cahill.
Above: Zachary Cahill, “Orphanage Project 2012,” 2011.
Mixed Media.
Photo by Zachary Cahill.

The Herndon Gallery
One Morgan Place
Yellow Springs, OH. 45387 

Opening Reception: March 2, 2012 6–9pm – Artist talk at 6:30pm
Exhibition runs from March 2–May 18, 2012
Gallery hours are 1­–4pm, Tuesdays through Saturday.

Adventures in the eschatological imagination:
1. Assume we are all already dead.
2. Extrapolating from point 1, we must conclude we have returned.
3. If we have returned, we are no longer what we once were.
4. No longer what we once were. We are now what has never been.
5. Being what has never been, we have yet to live.
6. Now living without Being we claim your history as our narrative.
7. We move through narration without attachment.
8. Without attachment we are Orphan.
9. Being Orphan we share our story with others.
10. With others: Ghosts without futures.


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For an interview with the original members of the Orphanage Project (p 65): Shifter Magazine 


This project was first exhibited at threewalls in Chicago in 2011 curated by Shannon Stratton. The current presentation of the USSA 2012: The Orphanage Project presented at Antioch College is curated by Sara Black.


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February 27, 2012