Conexiones improbables: Call for artists and social scientists
Conexiones improbables
Above: Image courtesy Grupo Uvesco.
Above: Image courtesy Grupo Uvesco.

Application deadline: 25 June 2012, 9am
Collaboration period: September 2012–June 2013
Payment: 12,000 EUR + VAT (including travel and accommodation)

The international call is open for artists and social scientists to collaborate in innovative projectswith seven organisations located in the Basque Country, Spain as part of the 2012 edition of Improbable Connections.

Three of them are willing to collaboration with English speakers: EDE Fundazioa (social intervention), Orbea (design and manufacture of bicycles), and Silam (products and solutions based on silicone elastomer). Other four organisations would only work with Spanish speakers: Artepan (artisanal bakery and pastry maker), Eraikune (construction cluster in Euskadi), Grupo Uvesco (supermarkets), Oiz egin (rural development platform).

Two of the projects are related to raising public awareness, in the case of Artepan, with artisanal breadmaking and its virtues in terms of taste and health, and in the case of Oiz egin, with the role of land custodianship played by various agents in rural areas.

Other projects seek to map and make visible the internal skills within an organisation in order to come up with collaborations/synergies between its own members/workers, as well as with external agents (Ede Fundazioa and Eraikune).

Grupo Uvesco seeks to create communication mechanisms between its workers; Orbea aims to open direct channels with its usersby constructing an experiential space related to outdoor sports, while Silam wants to create new products/services based on its skills and technologies.

With the support of: Bilbao Ekintza and the Basque Government
Global collaborators: Adegi and Donostia-San Sebastián European Capital of Culture 2016
OpenLabs collaborators: San Telmo Museum, Artium, BilbaoArte, Sala Rekalde.
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May 11, 2012