May 17, 2012

Courses in Creative Entrepreneurship

Escola São Paulo
Photo by Bruna Mota, 2010.

The creative economy is the key driver for all our courses at Escola São Paulo, a school based on multidisciplinary learning, which is crucial to enrich education and training and develop more comprehensive background.

Fuzzy boundaries between different fields and segments increasingly require mastery of languages, technologies, and interventions or initiatives through teamwork. Escola São Paulo offer courses in architecture, art business, film/video, coaching in entrepreneurship, management, cultural arts, design, photography, food and catering management/business, history, literature, fashion, media, music, theater, and visual arts.

Students get a chance to connect with the best and most up-to-date professionals in the market as they interact, share, feel, and learn through hands-on activities.

In June, the school is hosting Professor Michael Bedward, a Creative Economy specialist at Central St. Martins and London College of Communication, to teach two courses for people wishing to enhance their profile in the creative economy: “Tools and Techniques for Smart Thinking” and “Pitching for Creative Professionals.”

If you are interested in these courses or one of these areas and would like to go through experiences that make a difference, learning more about Escola São Paulo is a must. We are located in Sao Paulo, Brazil’s biggest metropolis and most influential city.

Learn more about our courses here.

Courses lined up for our Creative Entrepreneurship season

Art Market and Collectors, Trend surveys (Rony’s two talks), Design: Current Market Trends, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Documentary Film – Producing and Marketing

Managing People, Managing Brands, Managing Finance, Design Thinking, Audiovisual: Projects and Business, Creative Writing, Producing Music for Film, Planning a Fashion Collection, Men’s fashion blogs, Developing and Managing Products, Personal Shopper Training, International Workshop on Innovation and Management

Trend Surveys – International Seminar (global trends in fashion design, well-being, beauty, natural products, inspiration for patterns and prints), Design Thinking, Fashion Management and Marketing, Personal Stylist Training, Fashion and Communication, Get it Up and Running, Business Plans Startups, Creative Writing, Mass Media Universe, Branding: Brand Management, Digital Marketing, Fashion Journalism, Managing Cultural and Creative Enterprises, Crowdsourcing: Online Cooperation, Funding Cultural Projects, Cool Hunting Workshop, How a Collection is Put Together, Fashion Week, Creativity for Producing and Managing Events



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