Henk Borgdorff: The Conflict of the Faculties out now from Leiden University Press
Leiden University Press

Perspectives on Artistic Research
and Academia

May 2012
Out now


Perspectives on Artistic Research
and Academia

May 2012
Out now


Book launches in Leiden, Rome, London, Gothenborg, and Berlin—see below.

This book is about artistic research—what it is, or what it could be. And it is about the place that artistic research could have in academia, within the whole of academic research.

Artistic research is an endeavour in which the artistic and the academic are connected. In this emerging field of research artistic practices contribute as research to what we know and understand, and academia opens its mind to forms of knowledge and understanding that are entwined with artistic practices.

Henk Borgdorffalso addresses how we comment on such issues, and how the things we say cause the practices involved to manifest themselves in specific ways, while also setting them into motion. In this sense, this work not only explores the phenomenon of artistic research in relation to academia, but it also engages with that relationship. This performative dimension of the book is interwoven with its constative and interpretive dimensions. Borgdorff’s aim is not only to advance knowledge and understanding of artistic research, but to further the development of this emerging field.

“This book is the first to define, in concrete terms, the standards to which artistic research should conform. Well written and well argued, it will probably become a reference for many studies to come and required reading for anyone active in this field.”
–Frans-Willem Korsten, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Leiden University, Netherlands

Henk Borgdorff is professor of Research in the Arts at the University of the Arts, The Hague, and visiting professor of Aesthetics at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts of the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

Forthcoming book launches

Gothenburg: May 31
Artistic Seminar. 13–16
University of Gothenborg
Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts
Storgatan 43, Gothenburg

Berlin: June 11
Forum für künstlerische Forschung – Per.Spice!
Sophienstrasse 18, Berlin

Book launches

Leiden: April 24
University of Leiden
Rapenburg 73, Leiden
The Netherlands

Rome: May 10
EPARM conference
Academia Belgica
Via Omera 8, Rome

London: May 11
SHARE conference
University of the Arts, London
Chelsea College of Art and Design
45 Millbank London

Henk Borgdorff
The Conflict of the Faculties:
Perspectives on Artistic Research and Academia
ISBN 978 90 8728 167 0
Hardback 39,95 EUR until 1 July
15.6 x 23.4 cm, 277 pages
May 2012

May 18, 2012