September 25, 2012

Book release:Brannon, Büttner, Kierulf, Kierulf, Kilpper

Bergen Kunsthall

In 2012, with the group exhibition Brannon, Büttner, Kierulf, Kierulf, Kilpper, Bergen Kunsthall presented five artists, all of whom have focused on graphic printing tech­niques in their otherwise composite and highly varied art production. The exhibition did not take graphic art in the narrow sense as its theme, but investigated the actual issues of the medium in light of a contemporary practice where printed media can be regarded as a category, or a locus where historical, discursive, material and social exchanges take place. The title of the exhibition consisted quite simply of a list of the artists’ names in alphabetical order, as if to emphasize that it was the spatial encounter of these five particular oeuvres that was the core of the project.


The publication is the third in a series of exhibition catalogues from Bergen Kunsthall, all in a sophisticated magazine format designed by Berlin-based Blankblank and richly illustrated with large installation photographs from the exhibition. The book includes two newly written essays which elucidate the exhibition from different standpoints. In addition to the curators’ own text, Lars Bang Larsen contributes a text where what he calls “the materiality of affect” is invoked to discuss the use by certain contemporary artists of graphic prints and other “print media.”

Brannon, Büttner, Kierulf, Kierulf, Kilpper
Published by Bergen Kunsthall, 2012
Editors: Steinar Sekkingstad, Solveig Øvstebø
Artist: Matthew Brannon, Andrea Büttner, Annette Kierulf, Caroline Kierulf, Thomas Kilpper
Texts: Solveig Øvstebø and Steinar Sekkingstad, Lars Bang Larsen
Design: Blankblank
ISBN: 978-82-93101-11-6

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