October 5, 2012

Kunstfag agenda

Oslo National Academy of the Arts

agenda is Kunstfag’s new forum for discussions on issues, subjects and challenges that relates to the department’s curriculum. Using the early Arts and Crafts movement and that of the Bauhaus’s vision of art as integrated in everyday life as a historical point of departure, Kunstfag seeks to elaborate on the relationship between art and life, on matters of materiality (production, sustainability, the global), on design and architecture, and on artistic practice in social and political contexts in a contemporary perspective.

agendashalloffer talks, presentations, discussions and bold statements one Friday each month. agenda is both for students and teachers at The Oslo National Academy of the Arts and for a broader audience. agenda is organized in collaboration with Kunstnernes Hus, and will find place at Kunstnernes Hus’s locations in Wergelandsveien 17, Oslo.

Kunstfag announces the agenda program fall 2012:

Friday, October 5
Art and the Public Sphere: Towards a New Understanding of Public Art?

Economic crisis jeopardizes traditional public and private funding structures for art production. The belief in depositingsculptures in the public realm as a means to produce local identity is questioned. The ecological impact of production and distribution of art production raise new questions about art and sustainability: Is there a need to re-think art in the public sphere? What role can education play in this new scenario?

Claire Doherty, director, SITUATIONS
Nils van Beek, curator, SKOR/TAAK
Marion Hohlfeldt, art historian, theoretician; Université de Rennes, France
Bo Krister Wallström, curator, KORO
Chaired by Jørn Mortensen, dean, Kunstfag

Friday, November 2
Identifying and Articulating Artistic Research in Material-Based Disciplines

The aim of the seminar is to identify a more precise study of artistic research, how it may differ from art itself, and different ways it can most effectively be articulated. This agenda is intended to help those engaged in high-level research to understand the processes they are involved in, and to find ways to present their findings coherently and accessibly.

Caroline Slotte, ceramist, artist
Stephen Dixon, professor, Manchester School of Art
Stephen Scrivener, professor, University of the Arts London
chaired by Paul Scott, professor, Visual Arts Department, Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Friday, November 30
Material-Based Art and Global Consciousness

The Department of Visual Arts (Kunstfag) involves questions on the politics of materiality and skills, and, as a consequence, an obligation to dwell upon the distribution of resources, the issues of class and gender, and systems of belief. The meeting points in craft between artists working with the woven thread or the shaped clay or object activates a common understanding of cross-cultural global challenges related to sustainability, equality, and rights. This agenda will present artists who use the global as a point of departure for their work, and discuss artistic strategies and challenges, which may broaden the understanding of new territories of art.

Kader Attia, artist
Dorothee Albrect, curator and founding member of UNWETTER, the Kunsthalle Berlin-Lichtenberg and Dreams of Art Spaces Collected
Hans Hamid Rasmussen, artist and associate professor, Oslo National Academy of the Arts
Gavin Jantjes, curator, National Museum of Arts, Design and Architecture, Oslo





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