November 29, 2012

The Kinetic Imaging MFA Program

Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts
Design by Meena Khalili Clifford.

The Kinetic Imaging MFA Program offers the MFA student the opportunity to expand and integrate the fields of video, experimental animation, interactive media and sound. Working in a studio-based environment, students focus on art production that explores critical inquiries in media, culture and society. Diversification is encouraged, as media projects take a variety of forms such as text, installation and performance, and embrace both narrative and experimental approaches in cyber, physical or hybrid space. In a world that increasingly uses moving images and sound, the Kinetic Imaging program enables students to produce creative works that contribute to and challenge the rapidly evolving dialogue in emerging media arts. A relatively new program, established in 2007, KI MFA students have shown their work internationally, including exhibits in Turkey, Pakistan, Korea, India, and Canada, as well as the United States.

MFA faculty includes Stephen Vitiello (2011 Guggenheim Fellow), Bob Kaputof, Bob Paris, Pamela Turner, and Semi Ryu. Their media expertise covers sound art, video art, experimental animation, socially engaged media, virtual interactive environments and virtual puppetry.




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