“Does Europe exist?” Artist Residencies
ARTos Foundation

The event organized by and held at ARTos entitled “Does Europe exist?”, which took place from 1–15 November 2012 within the Cyprus presidency of the EU Council was completed with great success. There were three parts to “Does Europe exist?”: the exhibition Stitching the Buffer Zone, the site-specific installation Relocated and the exhibition, presentations and roundtable discussion Citizen Middle East. These involved a number of artists, designers, archivists and curators.

Stitching the Buffer Zone:
Maria Costi de CastrilloAnna Grichting SolderGeorgia FrangoudiStephanie Keszi

Inês Rolo Amado

Citizen Middle East – curated by Aida Eltorie:Khaled Ramadan (Beirut – Copenhagen)
Haytham Nawar (Cairo – Zurich)
Youssef Moscatello (Lecce – Sharjah)
Ilka Eichkof (Berlin)
Aladin (London)

Call for artists and researchersAs a continuation of “Does Europe exist?”, ARTos would like to announce that it is now accepting project proposals for 3 artistic residencies in May 2013—one from 1–30 May 2013 and two from 15–30 May 2013. The artistic residencies are of an open subject within “transitory” art. ARTos is open for other residency spaces to collaborate with on an exchange basis on the following transitory art disciplines:

Socioartistic research
Social sculpture (performance, exhibitions, online activism)
Sound / music / underwater music
Writing / poetry
For more information:
[email protected]




December 21, 2012