January 10, 2013

Three PhD positions in Architecture

Umeå School of Architecture
Beijing, 2012. Photo by Roemer van Toorn.

The Umeå School of Architecture (UMA) is the newest school of Architecture in Sweden. It was established in 2009 and is gradually being developed into a laboratory of experimental architecture where both education and research are conducted. Here future architects are being trained in a unique environment based on an integrated approach of the artistic, technical and academic fields. The Umeå School of Architecture has an international profile and focuses on sustainability and integrated design. The school has internationally qualified architects and subject-specific teachers.

UMA is situated at Arts Campus by the river alongside Umeå Institute of Design, Umeå Art Academy, Bildmuseet and HUMLab X. The Arts campus is an international hotspot for education and research where students from different fields meet and cooperate. 

Umeå University is dedicated to providing creative environments for learning and work. We offer a wide variety of courses and programmes, world-leading research, and excellent innovation and collaboration opportunities. More than 4,000 employees and 36,000 students have already chosen Umeå University. We welcome your application!

1) PhD in the Politics of Architecture ( 313-1214-12)
The main interest of this PhD position is to critically investigate the relationship between the political and the aesthetic and how a future practice of architecture could surpass the actual post-political condition. Now that the current economic crisis acts as late capitalism’s moment of truth, architects should develop new visions, and help create projects that activate forms of emancipation surpassing the failure of neoliberalism. What we look for is a new beginning of the architect as public intellectual who opens doors towards a new social practice. 

The PhD is a part of a research environment in Relational Architecture, and focuses specifically on the subtheme Aesthetics as a Form of Politics.

2) PhD in Generic Methods in Architectural Spatial Composition and Design ( 313-1215-12)
The PhD research in generic methods in architecture aims to critically investigate the spatial composition of past and present critical architectural design practices. The PhD project will develop methods that generate concepts for spatial compositions that include the dimension of use (the user) in its (parametric) geometrical design development. The tradition and experience of spatial complexity, where geometric principles have been used to generate space and spatial composition, will be the basis to develop this research. 

The PhD is a part of a research environment in Relational Architecture, and focuses specifically on the subtheme Passion for Reality.

3) PhD in Climate and Culture Responsive Building Design and Planning ( 313-1216-12)
At UMA the research theme Climate Responsive Design is being developed. The main interest of this position should be focused on the relation between the architectural concepts (spatial and concepts and the concept of living), the chosen design strategy (collaborators and process, architectural development) and local climate conditions. 

The research theme is placed both under Relational Architecture and Architectural Technology, and this position will have its main tutor from Relational Architecture.

You will find more information on the positions, the admission requirements and how to apply here.

If you apply for more than one position one application per position must be sent in. Your complete application should arrive February 1, 2013 at the latest.

For more information please contact:
Rector Peter Kjaer, +46 (0)70 5594696 / [email protected],
Head of Department Katrin Sten, +46 (0)90 7865976 / [email protected],
Guest Professor Roemer van Toorn, +46 90 7865161 / [email protected],
Director of Ph.D studies Thomas Olofsson, +46 (0)90 7866710 / [email protected].

We look forward at receiving your application! 

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