February 19, 2013

Matthew Ritchie, Mellon Visiting Artists & Thinkers

Columbia University School of the Arts

If every image in history can be seen at once, if every idea can be communicated, rebutted and digitally reformatted, if every space can host any form of presence, if it is truly a time for everything, then how do we address all that information?

To navigate this new environment, we need new ways of thinking about the relationship between time, space and the developing culture of images for audiences and artists alike.

Significant questions and answers are beginning to emerge in fields such as network theory and speculative realism, that may open new opportunities to collaborate on shared definitions of culture.

For his Mellon Visiting Artists Project, Matthew Ritchie has organized two public workshops this spring to examine how we can extend understanding and use of this new dimension in the shared space of culture.

A Time For Everything workshops are free and open to the public. RSVP here.

Art, Information and Philosophical Objects
Bettina Funcke and Graham Harman; moderated by Matthew Ritchie
March 8, 6pm
Columbia University, Northwest Corner Building Room 501
(550 West 120th St at Broadway)

Art, Information and Networks
Albert-László Barabási and Caroline Jones; moderated by Matthew Ritchie
April 19, 6pm
Columbia University, Northwest Corner Building Room 501
(550 West 120th St and Broadway)

Forthcoming topics for Fall 2013 workshops and panels include Art, Information & Diagrams, Buildings, Creativity and the Universe.

Matthew Ritchie will curate a related group show, The Temptation of the Diagram. This survey of artists’ diagrams will be on view at Andrea Rosen Gallery 2 from March 29 to April 27, 2013.

About the Mellon Visiting Artists & Thinkers Program
The Mellon Visiting Artists & Thinkers Program brings leading creative practitioners and theorists to the School of the Arts to engage with students, the Columbia University community and the public. With the generous support of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, this program creates opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to work with world-class artists and thinkers, while stimulating dialogue about the contribution of the arts to intellectual life and society at large.

About the School of the Arts
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For more information about these workshops or the Mellon Visiting Artists & Thinkers Program, please email [email protected].

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