March 6, 2013

2012–13 MFA Thesis Exhibitions

School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University
Left to right: Molly Segal, The Things We Taught Ourselves, 2013. Oil and acrylic on canvas; Kate Castelli, This/That, 2012. Accordion structure with hardcovers, ephemera and typewriting; Jasmine Higbee, Hope/Fear, 2013. Single channel video still; Daniel Embree, Blessings, 2013. Installation image of performance. Photo by Michael Barber.

The joint Master of Fine Arts degree program of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (SMFA) and Tufts University emphasizes the relationship of art and ideas within an interdisciplinary framework and culminates with a final thesis exhibition. Students create in-depth presentations of their work—including painting, performance, video, sculpture, photography and mixed media—displaying how their artistic process developed during the two-year program. The 2012–13 SMFA/Tufts thesis exhibitions take place throughout the spring and summer at galleries around Boston. Visit for artist profiles and more information.

November 29–December 16, 2012
Tufts University Art Gallery @ Aidekman Arts Center
Kathleen Tyler; Rebecca Wallach

February 13–March 6, 2013
Howard Art Project
“Lucky Strike” featuring Joe Joe Orangias

March 6–15, 2013
Fourth Wall Project Art Space 
“What’s To Come…” featuring Alexander Squier

March 20–29, 2013
Fourth Wall Project
“Secret Acts” featuring Daniel Embree; Monica Lynn Manoski; Courtney McClellan; Ashley L. Wood
Artist talks + closing reception: March 29, 6–9pm

March 28–April 12, 2013
Mission Hill building Gallery, SMFA
David Flicker Brown
Reception: March 29, 5:30pm

April 2013
Anthony Greaney Gallery 
Jessica Borusky
Reception: April 5, 6pm

April 3–12, 2013
Fourth Wall Project Art Space 
Laura Fischman; Jasmine Higbee; Cathy McLaurin; Laura Beth Reese
Reception: April 6, 5–8pm

April 5–27, 2013
Laconia Lofts Gallery
Julia Cseko; Molly Segal
Reception: April 5, 5:30pm

April 11–28, 2013
Tufts University Art Gallery @ Aidekman Arts Center
Ario Elami; Ruohan Hu; Hiroshi Iso; Jihee Lee; Chien-ning Liao; Singha Sihakhom; Qing Song
Reception + artist talks:April 11, 5–8pm

April 16–May 18, 2013
Mrs. E. Ross Anderson Auditorium, SMFA
Laura Harrison; Eugene Larochelle; Maia Lynch; Karmimadeebora McMillan; Timothy Mearini; Ivette Salom
Artist talks: April 16, 5:30pm

April 17–26, 2013
Fourth Wall Project Art Space 
Caroline Board; Kate Castelli; Stephen St. Francis Decky; Chrissy Lapossy
Reception: April 19

April 19–30, 2013
Howard Yezerski Gallery 
Robert Chamberlin; Huaiyu Chou
Reception: April 19, 6–8pm

May 1–11, 2013
Fourth Wall Project Art Space
Jodie Goodnough; Katherine Mitchell; Juan Travieso; Carl Vestweber
Reception: May 4, 6pm

May 2–19, 2013
Tufts University Art Gallery @ Aidekman Arts Center
Case Hathaway-Zepeda; Paul Ishii; Ryan Kish; Elizabeth Lynch; Vanessa Michalak; John Neylan; David Richmond
Reception + artist talks: May 2, 5–8pm

May 3–June 1, 2013
Carroll and Sons Art Gallery
Katherine Gilbert; Timothy McCool
Reception: May 3

May 7, 2013
Stanford Calderwood Pavilion @ the Boston Center for the Arts
No place like home performance by Cathy McLaurin

May 9–26, 2013
Howard Art Project
“Human + Machine, Retrace + Depart” featuring Valerie Ng
Reception: May 9, 6–8pm

May 16–30, 2013
Fourth Wall Project Art Space
Jessica Anderson; Lauren Coulson; Megan Herwig; Neerja Kothari; Katherine Romero; Nicole Rosato
Reception: May 17

May 16 + 17, 2013
Remis Auditorium, Museum of Fine Arts
Lauren Coulson; Angela Counts; Bug Davidson; Case-Hathaway-Zepeda; Timothy Mearini;  Brianne Milder; Kathleen Tyler
Reception: May 17

June 13–29, 2013
Barbara and Steven Grossman Gallery, SMFA
Anne Blazejack; Christopher Cavallero; Jenna DeLuca; Brianne Milder
Reception: June 13, 6–8pm

July 12–27, 2013
Barbara and Steven Grossman Gallery, SMFA
Lindsey Kocur; Emily Lombardo;Katrina Majkut; Heather Renken
Reception: July 11, 6–8pm


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