March 12, 2013

Political art

Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts
Photo: Ruth Ehrmann.

“Political art” is a term often used in artistic practice, though with very different definitions and implementation. In 2013, the Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts offers three (out of altogether 21) courses that investigate social impact in artistic strategies and methods.

Tania Bruguera created the Useful Art Association in January 2011 to provide a platform for meeting, exchanging ideas and sharing strategies on how to implement the merging of art with society. In her course, Tania Bruguera will work with the students in an open manner, through discussions, printed texts, action groups and public events, examining what it means to create ARTE ÚTIL (useful art).

ARTE ÚTIL aims to transform certain aspects of society through the implementation of art, transcending symbolic representation or metaphor and proposing some realistic solutions for deficits.

Duration: 12–31 August 2013
Fee: Eur 890 (reduced Eur 650)
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In his own work, Felix Gmelin investigates political imagery and language, utopia and dogmatism, while comparing contemporary political activism with that of times past.

His course will examine, amongst other topics, the artistic method of displacement. Students will develop individual projects by simple means in whatever medium or discipline is chosen, with the aim of finding specific means of individual expression.

Duration: 22 July–10 August 2013
Fee: Eur 890 (reduced Eur 650)
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Shaina Anand/Ashok Sukumaran
will explore major questions raised by media art. They expand this term to cover all distributive media: radio, television, CCTV, electricity, the internet and other “networks.” These media are particularly promising in that they continue to challenge and change what art can be. The class will look back at moments of such promise, of utopian potentials in technology, where artists tinkered, hacked, intervened and assembled art that could powerfully imagine and realise ambitious, “real world” projects.

Duration: 22 July–10 August 2013
Fee: Eur 890 (reduced Eur 650)
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More info on the entire programme here.

The high quality of the courses is guaranteed by the requirement that all prospective participants must apply for acceptance. The teachers select participants on the basis of submitted work samples. The fees are between Eur 430.- and Eur 1,120.-, depending on the duration of the course. Students are entitled to a reduced fee. The closing date for application for courses is 15 May 2013. If numbers allow, later applications may be considered.
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Some 90 grants, usually covering tuition costs only, are available for participation in one of the courses at the Summer Academy. Application deadline is 10 April 2013.
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