April 9, 2013

Call for applications:Master of Media Design and Communication

Piet Zwart Institute

Piet Zwart Institute: Master Media Design and Communication

The Master Media Design and Communication programme is currently open for applications for the academic year of 2013/14.

Our curriculum is designed to develop graduates whose practice can move flexibly and fluently across a rapidly expanding field that continues to incorporate a range of hybrid practices. To name just a few possibilities: transmedia narratives, e-publishing, software art, lens-based practices (combining digital animation, photography, and cinema) and networked practices (combining free and open-source software & hardware development, tactical and participatory media).

The study of practice-based research methodologies and critical media theory is an integral part of the course: helping you position your work both historically and within the current media landscape, and giving you the tools to differentiate yourself in a highly complex and competitive field. Within the curriculum you can choose one of two unique specialisations, Networked Media and Lens-Based Media. While a depth of knowledge is acquired through these routes, you are also encouraged to work across both paths in ways appropriate to your practice.

Students of the Media Design and Communication programme come from a variety of backgrounds, experiences and cultures. Valuing these differences, students are encouraged to develop their own individual media language to prepare them to work independently or collaboratively.

Our core faculty members, such as Aymeric Mansoux (FR), Michael Murtaugh (US), Barend Onneweer (NL), Simon Pummell (UK), Timo Klok (NL), and Steve Rushton (UK), are all experienced practitioners in the field of contemporary media design, and represent a broad scope of professional and experimental practices. Alongside core faculty, visiting international guests participate in our symposia and thematic projects, and give individual tutorials.

Guest speakers and lecturers in 2012–2013 included:
Florian Cramer (DE/NL), Annet Dekker (NL), Karl Doing (AUS/NL), Echo Park Film Center (Paulo Davanzo & Lisa Marr) (US), Furtherfield (Marc Garrett & Ruth Catlow) (UK), Frits Gierstberg (NL), Keith Griffiths (UK), Seda Guerses (TR/BE), Han Hoogerbrugge (NL), Nicolas Malevé (BE/ES), Julian Oliver (NZ/DE), <STDIN> Stéphanie Vilayphiou & Alex Leray (FR/BE), Thomson & Craighead (UK), Femke Snelting (BE/NL), Danja Vasiliev (RU/DE), Hans Wilschut (NL), Annette Wolfsberger (AT/NL),  Richard Wright (UK), Aura Satz (UK) and Larry Sider / School of Sound (US/UK).

For a full list of faculty and guests please see our website.

The Piet Zwart Institute is an international postgraduate programme dedicated to study and research in the fields of art and design. It is a part of the Willem de Kooning Academy Hogeschool Rotterdam. There are four Master courses: Fine Art, Interior Architecture and Retail Design, Media Design and Communication, and Education in Arts.

If you wish to apply, please see our application guidelines.

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