April 22, 2013

Guidelines on the International Competition for the Sea Art Festival 2013

Busan Biennale

The Sea Art Festival in Busan has established a unique exhibition style though a blend of the natural environment, the sea, and high-tech contemporary art. It began with the affection and devotion of local artists in 1987, marking its 26th anniversary this year and becoming an event which represents the living history of art of Busan. The Sea Art Festival, which has been integrated with main exhibition along with the birth of the Busan Biennale, has been held in odd-numbered years since 2011 (an off-year for the Busan Biennale), becoming a new cultural independent brand representing the city of Busan.

The Sea Art Festival 2013 will be held at Songdo Beach with the theme of ‘With Songdo: Remembrance·Marks·People’. In 1913, it opened as the first public beach in Korea. Songdo Beach, which was called East Napoli in Asia during the Japanese colonial era, marks its 100th anniversary this year, with attempts to recover its old reputation through various renovations and maintenance projects. With this in mind, we wish that as many artists, domestic and international, will apply to participate in this International Competition for the Sea Art Festival 2013, which will be held at Songdo Beach.

Exhibition outline
Theme: With Songdo: Remembrance·Marks·People’
Period: September 14 to October 13, 2013 (30 days)
Venue: Songdo Beach
Art works: 35 on- and off-shore installations (Competition 20 works, Invitation 15 works )
Artistic Director: Tae-Won Park (Busan Fine Arts Association Planning Chairman)

‘With Songdo: Remembrance·Marks·People’
The Sea Art Festival 2013 with the theme of ‘With Songdo: Remembrance ·Marks ·People’ is planned on the basis of history (Remembrance), Locality (Marks) of Songdo Beach and the identity of Sea Art Festival (People). The Sea Art Festival 2013, in accordance with the 100th anniversary of Songdo Beach, will attempt to ‘remember’ the history of Songdo Beach by discovering the stories of the ‘People’ and the ‘Marks’ they made through out history.

The Sea Art Festival 2013 will exhibit three coexisting themes, with the first being the theme of ‘Remembrance’. A variety of attractions such as paintings, photos and video are planned to be on display to provide a rich and memorable experience for the opening of the ‘Sea Art Festival’s’ 26-year-old history as well as Songdo Beach’s 100th anniversary. The second keyword, ‘Marks,’ dreams of balancing the natural environment and artworks of Songdo Beach through establishing various pieces of sculptures and installation artwork. In addition, the exhibition will offer an exotic experience in the balance of nature and art to people, who visit Sea Art Festival 2013 by setting up a photo zone in consideration for the passage in time.

The last keyword, ‘People,’ attempts to guide the Sea Art Festival by connecting people through communication and events such as various genres of music, literature, performance and media. In this regard, we encourage all of you to participate in the many events offered.

Competition outline
Period: April 15 to May 20, 2013
Art Works: 20 works (on- and off-shore installations)
Qualification: Anyone can participate regardless of nationality.
Genre: An individual artist (or group) can submit one work of any genre in contemporary art.
*In case of a group entry, not more than ten
*Minimum five meters at each side and limited to installation artwork
*Undergraduate students can submit collaborative works only with the recommendation of their professors

Application information
First-round review: documents
Application form, one copy (prescribed form)
Model drawing (A3 paper 1 and CD 1)
Submission period: May 13 to 20, 2013, by 18hr

Second-round review: models submission
Qualification: Winners of the first-round contest
Submission period: June 17 to 21, 2013, by 18hr
Model size: 1.2m (width) × 1.2m (length) × 2m (height) (including the size of the pedestals)

Grand Prize: one person, 15 million won
Excellence: one person, 10 million won

*The two prizes will be chosen among special selection awardees whose works have been completed and successfully installed.

Special Selection: 18 people, 5 million won
Successful Contestants: several people

*Expense of making of art work, delivery (transportation) and alighting (unloading) is on applicant. Award includes support fund of artwork making.

*Go to homepage regarding details for Sea Art Festival and Busan Biennale.

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