April 22, 2013

2013 Arts Abroad Programs

School of Visual Arts (SVA)
Provence. Photo: Jean-Marc Veillon.

Creativity is about more than making—it’s about exploration and contemplation as well. For over 30 years, SVA has offered a range of programs that provide anyone with a love of art and a curiosity about the world—whether they are professionals, educators, or students—with the opportunity to travel, experience other cultures, and renew their passions. Enroll in one of our art or art history programs, see the world, and be inspired.

Interior Design in Italy: Past, Present, and Future
Faculty: Stuart Mager, ASID, and Elizabeth Martin, AIA
May 13–26
Gain an in-depth understanding of Renaissance architecture as you visit museums, palaces, and piazzas to sketch and study, examining how sites have been preserved and repurposed and how time-tested principles inspire modern forms.

Advanced Photography Workshop in Southern France
Faculty: Laurence Minard-Amalou and Jean-Marc Veillon
May 20–June 3
Join us for an extraordinary opportunity to hone your practice photographing the unique charms of Provence. Through its breathtaking landscapes, medieval architecture and cultural delights, as well as the light that make Provence a premier destination for photographers, participants will create a portrait of southern France that reflects their personal style.

Masters Workshop: Design History, Theory, and Practice in Rome
Faculty: Lita Talarico, Steven Heller, Darius Arya, Cristina Chiappini, James Clough, Louise Fili, Mario Fois, Paola Manfroni, Mario Rullo, Mauro Zennaro
May 26–June 9
Combine the study of graphic, book, and lettering design with archeology, art, epigraphy—even Italian cuisine—in Rome, birthplace of Western typographic tradition. Attend workshops taught by design professionals, historians, and publishers, while taking time to visit nearby attractions.

The Artist’s Journal: Istanbul
Faculty: Peter Hristoff
May 27–June 13
Istanbul is undergoing a renaissance that makes it a “must-see” destination for travelers, and a hub of international politics, business, and culture, with these elements merging to create a new kind of 21st-century megalopolis.  Explore all that Istanbul has to offer, from its bazaars, contemporary art museums, galleries, and cultural sites to its lounges and waterside cafés, documenting your adventures in a mixed-media journal while being introduced to the dynamic art scene of the city.

Shanghai Photography Workshop: Create, Connect, Exchange, Network
Faculty: Abby Robinson
June 8–July 6
Engage with the local photography community and hone your craft in Shanghai, a hub of the international art scene. Make connections and show your work to curators, dealers, and fellow photographers and take in the city’s cosmopolitan offerings.

Art History in Southern France
Faculty: Tom Huhn and Laurence Minard-Amalou
June 13–26
Immerse yourself in the artistic heritage of Provence, exploring architecture, Roman ruins, and works by painters like Cézanne and van Gogh. Draw, paint, and photograph on location in Avignon, Nîmes, Saint-Remy de Provence, and more.

Painting in Barcelona
Faculty: Tom Carr and Carme Miguel
June 26–July 13
Refine your vision or explore new directions in the city that inspired Picasso, Miró, and Tàpies. Working in studios at the Escola d’Arts Plastique i Disseny, participants are free to focus on their work while experiencing the culture and history of one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful destinations.

Food Design in France
Faculty: Emilie Baltz
July 6–13
Study in the kitchens of l’Ecole Supérieure d’Art et de Design de Reims, in France’s Champagne province, where you can explore how ingredients, shape, and service influence our experiences with food. The program also includes trips to distilleries, vineyards, farms, and producers.

Portrait and Fashion Photography in Barcelona
Faculty: Janusz Kawa
July 6–16
Barcelona has always been a prime destination for editorial fashion; this beautiful city is often featured as a background for fashion spreads.   With its exquisite light and breathtaking surroundings, Barcelona is a perfect location for learning about portrait and fashion photography. Tackle the challenges of on-location shoots while building your portfolio.

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