April 26, 2013

Seeking Professor in Textile Design

The Swedish School of Textiles at the University of Borås
Courtesy The Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås.

The University has 11,000 students and 680 employees. Our modern campus is located in the city centre of Borås. The School of Textiles will move into new premises in the summer of 2013. Research and education are conducted in the profile areas of fashion and textiles, library and information science, healthcare, teacher training, finance/informatics and engineering. The University of Borås appreciates the qualities that equal gender and age, and ethnic and cultural diversity bring to the business.

The Swedish School of Textiles is the country’s only comprehensive textile school at university level. It has programmes leading to bachelor’s and master’s degree in textile and fashion design, textile management and textile engineering. In addition, there are short courses and a number of courses. The department also conducts research and educates PhD students in design (textile design, fashion design, interaction design), management and technology.

The Swedish School of Textiles has a vacancy for a Full Professorship in Textile Design.
Reg. No. PA 2013/37

The appointment of a Professor in Textile Design is a part of the efforts of the Swedish School of Textiles to further improve pedagogical and artistic development work in the field of textile design. Duties involve teaching and supervising students in textile design attending first-cycle, second-cycle and third-cycle educations, as well as initiating, directing and participating in artistic research and development projects. Duties also include participation in quality improvement and quality assurance of the textile design education for all three cycles. An important area of responsibility for the person holding this position is to monitor national and international developments in the field and actively participate in the collaborations in which the School involves.

A person who has demonstrated both artistic and teaching expertise shall be qualified for employment as a Professor. As much attention shall be given to the assessment of teaching expertise as to the assessment of artistic expertise in the field of textile design. The applicant must be able to present innovative research or artistic work of a high international level. Artistic work in the field of textile is normally required to have been exhibited at internationally recognised events or in media with a wide audience in the field of textile design.

Further qualification requirements are documented experience of artistic development work at the second-cycle level, teaching experience in the field of design with a clear aesthetic focus, and extensive experience as a main supervisor in an artistic field at both the second-cycle and third-cycle levels.

Textile product design, interior design, and design of textile materials are considered additional areas of qualifications for the Bachelor’s degree programme in Textile Design. Design methodology geared toward textile design, artistic projects, product design, critical design, etc. are considered additional areas of qualifications for the Master’s degree programme. Furthermore, in order to promote the national and international collaborations in which the University involves, we welcome applicants with connections with the business community and the surrounding community and consider proven organisational and administrative skills to be additional qualifications.

For applicants who primarily have conducted research in the industry or elsewhere, other forms of teaching expertise may be considered, after having been assessed, equivalent to such training.

Any questions regarding the position are kindly directed to Head of School Erik Bresky: [email protected], +46(0)33 435 41 31, or +46(0)733 77 85 20.

For more information how to compile application documents, please visit

The application must be available to the University on the 31st of May 2013. Send it to:
University of Borås
Registrar’s Office
501 90 Borås

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