May 29, 2013

Two courses in curatorial practice

Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts
Photo: Ruth Ehrmann

Bassam El Baroni
Lyotard for the twenty-first century curator: a singular account

Lyotard’s notion of Le Différend gains relevance and a new space to grow as an idea in today’s environments of unrest triggered by the present accumulation of varying injustices in countless geographical regions. Does not curating seem to be the context where the différends of the present can somehow be made tangible? How can we work towards identifying the condition of our present? Moreover, what possibilities do these attempts at identification hold for the contemporary curator and the contemporary exhibition?

Bassam El Baroni will use this course as a platform to explore—through widely diverse presentations put forth by himself and by course participants—the myriad of possible links, connections and rejoinders between the ideas of the ultimate postmodernist wizard and the current moment of seemingly permanent crisis, inflamed antagonism, and ongoing uprisings.

Duration: 22 July–3 August 2013
Fee: 660 EUR (reduced: 500 EUR)
Language: English
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Nancy Adajania
Re-enchanting the curatorial moment: eluding institutional frameworks
Curatorial work has become increasingly absorbed into a ceaseless cycle of exhibition-making activity within the institutions of art that prevail in the current neo-liberal economy. The temporality of the curatorial gesture has consequently become almost industrial, a series of leaps from one project to the next, each involving intense but narrow research, preparation, communication and execution.

The challenge before us is to ask how we may safeguard curatorial work from relentless industrialisation and institutionalisation. Can we alter its temporality by insisting on the moments of pause, withdrawal, invisibility? In exploring these issues, Adajania will revisit Aby Warburg’s Mnemosyne Atlas as well as Margaret Mead’s and Lucy Lippard’s working methodologies.

Duration: 19–24 August 2013
Fee: 430 EUR (reduced: 350 EUR)
Language: English
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