May 31, 2013

Design-oriented community summer courses


.doc:LAB is an international multidisciplinary design school initiated and managed by scholars and designers from North America to Europe. The main inspiration of this institution is to organize curricular and extracurricular activities in the field of technology and design whilst aiming to position itself on the edge of art, design, research and business by creating an academic and cultural hub of international networking environment for everyone working in creative industries.

The project is based on the cultural similarities of professionals discovering the future of art and design education which is in need of a fundamental transformation. With the incentive of enabling cross-cultural education and production, this summer school will also enhance the curricular diversity of the associated schools.

.doc:LAB is envisioned as a complement and an extension to existent undergraduate and graduate course listings of related programs in universities. The modular structure of .doc:LAB is based upon short-term, condensed, high-intensity learning content courses.

In the summer 2013, .docLAB II is planned to be realized again in İstanbul this time by the full accreditation of Sabancı University which is one of the highly acclaimed international higher education/research institutions in Turkey, and since its conception proved to be among the most innovative academic establishments of its time.

Three ECTS credits in five-day intensive courses
.doc:LAB courses are academically focused intensive project based educational modules which are designed mostly as compact and intensive experiences on technically specialized topics. Instructors for these courses are high-calibre academedic and professional profiles.

Every course in .doc:LAB programme is accredited by prestigious educational institutions which enables the students to be granted credits in ECTS format upon successful completion. These modules may be easily accepted as elective courses at various design schools throughout Europe. ECTS is widely used in formal higher education and can be applied to other lifelong learning activities. Upon successful completion of any .doc:LAB course, the attained ECTS credits are transferable to students own programme enrolled in his/her university.

.doc (design oriented community) is a legal corporation, established by professionals experienced in art and design schools, museums and cultural institutions. An organisation that is committed to the practices of design and media art which is rhizomic and nomadic by structure. Its vision is to approach converging medias with a focus on education and to engage in productions that create research and development opportunities.

Sabancı University
Apart from other supporting international institutions Sabancı University acts not only as a supportive partner but also as an institution aiming at creating resources for artistic and cultural productions, Sabancı University has the capacity to supply the intellectual and instrumental infrastructure for this project.

Ars Electronica
Ars Electronica is an organization based in Linz, Austria founded in 1979 around a festival for art, technology and society. In addition to running the yearly festival, Ars Electronica maintains a media center and museum, the Ars Electronica Center, which offers tours and courses and hosts a technology lab.

dDf-Dream Design Factory, is a communication design company with self-formed international network partners, that carries out its wide range communication work through the co-ordination of Turkey and London headquarters.

Aesthetics of Automation E Roon Kang / 15–19 July
Tangible Future Visions of Mobile and Physical Interaction Design Fabian Hemmert / 15–19 July
Urban Experience Mapping Atif Akin / 22–26 July
Talk to me – Emotion Through Motion Andreas Muxel / 22–26 July
Digital Performance for Everyone Friedrich Kirschner / 29 July–2 August
Creative Coding with VVVV and Kinect Sebastian Neitsch / 29 July–2 August
3D Video Mapping Refi̇k Anadol / 5–9 August
Parametric Design and Digital Fabrication Marius Watz / 5–9 August
Photographic Techniques for Game Prototyping Krystian Majewski / 12–16 August


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