October 21, 2013

Studies in Material Thinking, Volume 09, 2013: Inside Making: Making, materiality and knowledge in creative research

Studies in Material Thinking
Sealight Pavilion. Photo by Gary Annett Photography ©. Designed by Monash University Department of Architecture, in collaboration with Rintala Eggertsson, Grimshaw, and Felicetti. Location: Victoria Harbour, Melbourne Docklands, Australia. Completed December 2011. Supporter: Places Victoria. Sponsors: Grimshaw Architects, Monash University.

Making is both a knowledge-based and a knowledge-generating process. This volume of papers explores the significance of making as a mode of thinking and an impulse toward invention. Accounts of creative practice, form-making and pedagogy reveal the insights of reflective practicing artists, enquiring researchers and discerning teachers who recognize the importance of understanding the physical and material aspects of making knowledge. Collectively, the papers contribute to an overarching framework of knowledge about practice and they highlight the multidimensional role of the maker: as an actor; as the one who actually makes; as a learner and as a teacher who shares knowledge of and about the material thinking experience and process.

Co-edited by Nancy de Freitas, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand and Eva Lutnæs, Oslo University College, Norway with an introductory manifesto written by Professor Mikkel B. Tin of Telemark University College, Norway.

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