December 14, 2013

Enrollment period is now open for MACBA’s Independent Studies Programme (PEI)

MACBA Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona
Image courtesy of Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA).

Applications for admission will be accepted from 15 October 2013 to 10 January 2014.

Academic Director 2014–15: Beatriz Preciado

Permanent lecturers: Xavier Antich, Manuel Asensi, Franco Berardi Bifo, Jordi Bonet, Marcelo Expósito, Guillermo Gómez-Peña and La Pocha Nostra, Ana Longoni, Peter Pal Pelbart, Beatriz Preciado, Suely Rolnik

Guest lecturers: Georges Didi-Hüberman, Michel Feher, Walter Mignolo, Miguel Morey, Quim Pujol, Jorge Ribalta, Toni Serra, among others

The aim of the Independent Studies Programme (PEI) is to explore the field of the artistic practices that connect art to human sciences and to social, political and institutional intervention. The programme is conceived as an interdisciplinary education forum that can prepare those who participate in it to embark on critical professional work in the field of art and culture.

Backed up by its six-year history and its international prestige, the PEI has been able to operate as a device for training individuals who are qualified to experiment in the institutional sphere without losing sight of the social context and political conditions of arts and cultural institutions. Based on an understanding of art as a form of production at the intersection of many kinds of knowledge, systems of representation and of social codification (critique of discourse, gender studies, queer theory, decolonial critique, social movements, critical urban studies, etc.) the Independent Studies Programme accepts students from a wide array of professional, academic and social backgrounds: artists, architects, historians, sociologists, anthropologists, designers, activists, curators, psychologists, etc., who come together around an international team of teachers who share a political vision of the museum and education as spheres for critical and social experimentation.

Core subjects:

Critical Theories of Discourse. Manuel Asensi and Xavier Antich
Technologies of Gender.
Beatriz Preciado
Political Imagination.
Diagrams of the new political imagination. Marcelo Expósito

Compulsory subjects:

Strategies of Desire. Art as micropolitical experimentation. Suely Rolnik and Peter Pal Pelbart
The Economy of Culture. The arts of invention in cognitive capitalism. Franco Berardi Bifo and Michel Feher
Decolonial Epistemologies. Walter Mignolo
Art and Visuality. Georges Didi-Hüberman
Critical Theatricalities. Quim Pujol
A ‘Decentered’ History of Art from a Latin American Perspective. Ana Longoni
Right to the City. The city conceived by those who live in it. Jordi Bonet
Methodologies for Border Action. Guillermo Gómez Peña and La Pocha Nostra

Apart from classes, the PEI is articulated through elective workshops aimed to initiate specific research projects both in the academic environment and in the production, according to the interests of the student.

The PEI offers also work experience in different departments of the MACBA.

More information:

MACBA, Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona
Plaça dels Àngels, 1
08001 Barcelona
T: + 34 93 412 08 10

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