January 16, 2014

2013 Platform Artists

Incheon Art Platform
2013 Resident Artists of Incheon Art Platform. Copyright IAP.

Incheon Art Platfrom will host from January 16 to February 23, 2014 the 2013 Platform Artists exhibition, involving the works of 42 artists, 32 teams from 11 countries. From March 2013 to February 2014, the fourth resident artists of Incheon Art Platform and Baengnyeong-do Peace Arts Residence worked creatively for this event. For the duration of one year, Incheon Art Platform resident artists expressed, through their work, their interest in the multicultural city of Incheon and its characteristics as well as the old town Jung-gu with its long history. Through art, the resident artists also attempted to touch the lives of Baengnyeong-do residents (the northernmost island of the Korean peninsula), Incheonites, Koreans and cosmopolitans alike. While residing at Incheon Art Platform and pondering over their personal and social concerns, the artists had to endlessly question their creative methods as well as the role of art, and this event introduces the final report of the artists’ work. It’s also an opportunity to express our support to the 2013 resident artists who can use this event as a stepping board to make greater leaps and bounds even after leaving the art platform.

The event includes paintings, drawings, photography, sculptures, video imagery, field installation, interactive installation, etc. from the visual arts category; visual media and references from the performance arts category; the texts and exhibition plans from the literature and criticism category, covering generally all categories.

Incheon Art Platform operates the annual Artist Residency Program from March to February of the following year, and in March 2014 will be launching a preview exhibition (event) of the fifth Residency Artists.

2013 Resident Artists of Incheon Art Platform
Visual arts
Kim Kira, Kim Se-Jin, Kim Wonhwa, Kim Jooho, Noh Gihun, Lee Geumhong, Park Gwangsoo, Park Hyemin, Baik Intae, Okin Collective, Lee Sooyoung, Lee Ju-ri, Jeong Kihoon, Jung Jihyun, Cha Ji-ryang, Choi Sungrok, Ham Kyungah, Liat Livni (Israel), Sylvia Winkler & Stephan Köperl (Austria, Germany), Angie Atmadjaja (Indonesia), Jörg Obergfell (Germany), Instant Coffee (Canada), Julien Coignet (France), Jorge Cabieses-Valdes (Chile)

Performing arts
Shin Seungryul, Shin Jaehoon, Jeon Kwangpyo, Jeong Jinse, Paris Legakis (Greece)

Literature, criticism
Kim Haejin, Lee Daebum, Lim Jeongja, Du Xiyun (China)

Baengnyeong-do Peace Arts Residence
Kim Soomi, Emma Bell (UK), Yishay Garbasz (UK)

About Incheon Art Platform (IAP)
IAP in Republic of Korea is a multiplex cultural arts center that operates the residency program at its core and hosts a variety of art activities such as exhibitions, performances and educational programs. As the epicenter of culture, IAP hopes to generate creative energy by facilitating free interaction between artists and citizens and offers a rollout of creative art, distribution, and public enjoyment as the leading cultural and artistic creative center. IAP also runs an artist residence in Baengnyeong-do, the northernmost island of Republic of Korea.

Incheon Art Platform
Jemullyang-ro (1ga Haean-dong)
Jung-gu, Incheon (postal code 400-021)
Republic of Korea

T +032 760 1000
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Hosted and organized by Incheon Foundation for Arts and Culture, Incheon Art Platform.

Supported by Embassy of Israel in Korea.


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