February 5, 2014

2014 (5th) Resident Artists

Incheon Art Platform
Image copyright Incheon Art Platform.

Incheon Art Platfrom completed recruiting creative and promising artists of various genres for its March 2014 residency program (5th), and, from 6 March to 31 May, will be launching a preview exhibition to introduce these 5th Residency Artists to the public.

2014 (5th) Resident Artists of Incheon Art Platform

Visual Arts

- Long-term (one year, from March 2014 to February 2015): JUNG Seung, Jo Haejun, BANG&LEE (BANG Jayoung, LEE Yunjun), KIM Sungyoon, KIM Hee-yon, JO Hyunsun, KO Youngtaeg, NOH Gihun, JEONG Jihyun, BAEK Seungkee, KIM Joon, OH Jaewoo, LEE Sooyoung

- Mid-term (six months): CHOI Young, KIM Youngbin, YOON Jieun, ETC (LEE Saem, JUN Bokyung, JIN Narae)

- Short-term (three months): PARK Shin-young, Michal Klega (Germany), Chun Kwok Wong (Hong Kong), Romy Achituv (Israel), Guy Konigstein (Austria), Patrick Mohundro (USA)

Performing Arts

- Long-term (one year): GROUP S (KIM Soeun, CHUN Soo-jin, LIM Sunyoung)

- Mid-term (six months): KIM Sungyong, PARK Minsun

Literature, Criticism

- Long-term (one year): LEE Daebum, LEE Haram, LEE Sulya

- Short-term (three months): Chung Ling Jolene Mok (Hong Kong), Randy Gener (USA)

Baengnyeong-do Peace Arts Residence: KONG Misun, KIM Kira, KIM Soomi (Japan), BAE Insook

Incheon Art Platform (IAP)
Incheon Art Platform, managed by the Incheon Foundation for Arts & Culture is a place mediating culture and the arts created in Hae An-dong, Jung-gu as a part of the urban regeneration project of Incheon’s old downtown. IAP was built by remodeling a modern style building constructed in the late nineteenth century, to contribute to the development and spread of culture and the arts, as a place providing opportunities to integrated different artistic activities while facilitating conversation.

Incheon Art Platform supports artists by providing a stable and convenient creation and research space for a period of time and operates a residency program which deals with the promotion of artists. Both the creative activities of artists from various cultural backgrounds encompassing the visual, performing, and written arts, and the research activities of critics and curators are supported by the IAP, which is an incubator of novel artistic creations. IAP is a place mediating culture and the arts, and encompasses the whole process, including artistic creation, distribution and enjoyment. Its goal is to promote the area while contributing to international cultural and artistic exchanges.

IAP’s programs
1. Residency program
IAP provides a studio for a certain period of time (three-month, six-month, one-year intervals) to help artists from a wide variety of genres immerse themselves in creative activities in an optimal environment through the residency program. Besides physical space, software support, promotion support, and project fulfillment support are also provided.

The output created during a residency is issued in a diverse range of ways, through its open studio, open showcase, exhibitions and performances. Meanwhile, the artist/critic matching program is operated to arrange cooperation between resident artists and critic so that artistic competence is improved and interdisciplinary exchange is promoted. In addition, IAP has concluded partnerships with similar institutions overseas to carry out an artist’s exchange program and makes efforts towards the international exchange of culture and the art.

IAP also runs an artist residence in Baengnyeong-do, the northernmost island of Republic of Korea.

2. Exhibition
IAP holds autonomously planned exhibitions to study and discuss new trends in art so that it can promote opportunities for the public to enjoy art via the institution’s creative endeavors.

3. Performance program
IAP’s performance programs actively use variable space (the black box theater) in the Block C, performing place created by remodeling a modern-style late nineteenth-century warehouse, offering work in a variety of genres and forms such as plays, dance, music, film, and interdisciplinary art.

4. Education program
IAP’s education programs comprise programs for resident artists, creative arts education for children and youth guided by resident and local artists, school-associated programs, internships for the training of skilled mediators of culture and the arts and volunteer programs.

5. Archiving program
IAP operates archiving programs to collect data related to culture and the arts. It is working on a portfolio registry project to develop a database, providing portfolios and related data on resident artists and contemporary artists leading contemporary art.

Tribowl, which has sought to become the representative cultural center in Song-do New City in Incheon with its unique architectural shape, is a sister organization of IAP. It has offered a wide range of cultural events with high qualities such as classics, Pop music, Korean traditional music, ballet and dramas. Tribowl ultimately looks for new cultural hub in Southeast Asia providing local community the cultural richness. In addition, Tribowl offers a diverse and engaging range of high-quality educational programs such as ‘TriBowl-Pool’ and Arts Camp for kids aged 6 to 13 years old.

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