March 7, 2014

Polytech.Science.Art program

Polytechnic Museum

Polytechnic Museum in Moscow, Russia, announces the launch of the Polytech.Science.Art program, dedicated to one of the most significant phenomenon of contemporary culture—interdisciplinary collaboration between artists, scientists and technology specialists. The program starts in 2014 with a series of workshops and lectures of international and Russian experts, artists, researchers, including influential representatives of science art, the experts acknowledged by international scientific community and granted with numerous awards and prizes, as well as young professionals. Many of them will present their projects in Russia for the first time.

Polytech.Science.Art program experts (Danja Vasiliev, Sonia Cillari, Stefania Serafin, Artemis Papageorgiou, Robert Henke, Julian Oliver and some others are among them in 2014) will help to formulate a comprehensive idea on the synthesis of science, art and technology as an artistic method, a space for innovation, and will present art projects showing scientific and technological approaches, and innovative methods. The experts and Russian participants’ collaboration results will be not only of artistic, but also theoretical significance as every project of the program is a research of interaction between science, art and technology.

Polytech.Science.Art in 2014 is a unique series of workshops embracing such scientific disciplines as information technology, neurobiology, physics, psychoacoustics, fibertronics and others. Each workshop lasts from 3 to 5 days and consists of lectures and practical sessions. There will be an open call before every workshop to select 8 to 15 participants. For those who are selected by the experts, participation is free of charge. In the end of each event an open-attendance presentation (exhibition, performance) will be held. Open access will be provided for a number of lectures within the framework of the program.

The first workshop opening the program is OTHERNET by Danja Vasiliev. It starts on March 19, and runs until March 21 at the ARTPLAY Design Center. Danja Vasiliev is a Russian media artist based in Berlin. Danja has been awarded Europe’s most representative new technologies art award, the Prix Ars Electronica, for Cyberart (Newstweek project). Danja Vasiliev’s OTHERNET workshop debuted in January, 2014 in Berlin during Transmediale, one of the largest festivals of digital art and technology advancements. OTHERNET is dedicated to information technology in arts, tactics and technical realization of independent, hidden networks, avant-garde media and hacktivism within the framework of the “Post-Internet now” concept. Those wishing to participate in the workshop for free can apply until March 11th. More information regarding application procedure here.

Polytech.Science.Art program curator: Natalia Fuchs

In the 21st century the division between science and art is being overcome successfully: artists tend to use cutting edge technologies in their work, not merely a dialogue between art and scientific community is being observed, but creative collaboration is yielding unexpected, prominent results as well. Thanks to the great advance of science and technology, the worldview has been changing dramatically that has had its effect on the outlook, on the treatment of the verges of possibility. Methods used in contemporary art objects creation and in the field of scientific innovations intersect and complement each other, communication between artists, scientists and technology specialists kick-start the development of common space of ideas and discoveries. Polytechnic Museum plans to support the development of that promising cultural movement and create a platform for innovation activities, collaborative projects, information exchange between artists and scientists and technology specialists of different fields in future. In 2010–2011, Polytechnic Museum in Moscow presented a number of experimental projects together with art & science curators and artists working in Russia (in particular, the exhibitions Columbus’s Egg (Laboratoria Art&Science Space, Moscow), Illusion. From a Fair Sideshow to the Media Installation (NCCA, Nizhny Novgorod) and Mythology Online). In the historical building of the Polytechnic Museum the international symposium “Brainstorms. The Artist in the Context of Neuroscience” was also conducted in 2012 (curator: Daria Parkhomenko).


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