April 28, 2014

One-year Arts MA in Art History and Visual Culture or Visual Arts Management and Curating

Richmond, The American International University in London
Image courtesy of Richmond, the American International University in London.

London is arguably the hub of the art world. World-class arts and creative institutions, internationally positioned auction houses, dealers and critics, combine to make up the unique London art scene.

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About the Richmond experience
The two Masters degrees in Art History and Visual Culture, and Visual Arts Management and Curating, explore the intercultural issues within the visual arts, preparing graduate students for careers in the arts and creative cultural industries. 

Students are regarded as Junior Research Colleagues, encouraging them to make use of London as a research resource and undertake primary research. 

Internships and networking
A key component of the postgraduate programs is the internship component. Students are encouraged to participate in an internship that will enable them to network and build contacts within the arts world. 

The program uses London as a teaching, learning and research laboratory that offers access to world-class institutions of art, design, film, fashion and craft, as well as leading commercial galleries and auction houses. 

Explore London
Richmond’s Kensington campus is at the heart of the art scene—with easy access to famous museums such as the National Gallery, Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Courtauld and British Museum, and cutting-edge contemporary galleries such as the Hayward, Barbican, Whitechapel and Serpentine. 

Explore Europe
Post-graduate students also have the opportunity to participate in guided trips to Europe, accessing all that a multicultural arts world has to offer, and widening and developing their knowledge and understanding of visual culture from the modern and contemporary to the classics. Recent trips have included to the Venice Biennale, Istanbul and the Glasgow International.

One-year program, dually recognized
The Richmond MA programs are one year in duration and are dually accredited in the US and the UK, offering a truly unique postgraduate experience. 

About the programs
MA Art History & Visual Culture
The program is distinctive in two ways: first, engaging students with an academic curriculum in tune with current interdisciplinary trends in visual culture, exploring a variety of visual art across cultures and through time, particularly in terms of what is happening on the contemporary global art scene; and second, giving students the skills and experience, including classes on professional practice and an accredited internship, for successful career placements in the arts and creative cultural industries. The program has a rigorous academic curriculum embodying Richmond’s mission of fostering intercultural awareness influencing students’ daily lives and their perspectives on the world.

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MA Visual Arts Management & Curating
The MA prepares students for a career in arts management and curating through training in marketing, public relations, fundraising, management, curating and gallery education, within a visual arts context. The program offers sustained engagement with the visual arts from an intercultural perspective, bringing together art and design historians, curators, professional practitioners and studio artists to offer a thorough grounding in the study of the visual and equip students with the professional skills and experience to work successfully in a variety of arts and cultural industries.

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