May 12, 2014

Degree Exhibition 2014

Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design
Visual identity by studio 4.

This year’s Degree Exhibition showcases 176 recent graduates including designers, craft artists and art educators from Konstfack’s Bachelor’s, Master’s and Teacher’s programs.

Ikko Yokoyama, Head of Exhibitions: [email protected] 

Online exhibition catalogue


The Degree Exhibition examines the commonplace
Look around you. We are surrounded everywhere by materials, images, objects, lights and sounds. Visual communication, art, design and craft are central to our society. All this—the whole field of imagery or design—fits into the activities at Konstfack. While learning about these subjects, we examine the most commonplace; the importance of objects and environments for what it is to be a person together with others.

The well-informed thoughts, questions and ideas of our students are central to our teaching and produces works that can be anything from solutions to serious problems, humorous comments on contemporary issues, beauty in the form of elegant designs or deep insights into how our identities are shaped and re-shaped. In a longer perspective, this may help advance the understanding of us as people and highlight relationships between society and individuals.

This year’s students test the conditions for creation by recycling, enlarging details, finding unexpected combinations of materials or creating something completely new out of that which we already know well.  By alienating what is commonplace to us or adding something new to what is old, insights and opportunities for development arise. Konstfack is a world-class artistic university which is at the forefront of the areas of craft, design, art and learning. We are proud to wish you all welcome to our degree exhibition 2014.
– Maria Lantz, Vice-Chancellor


Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, is the largest arts and design University College in Sweden, with undergraduate and graduate programs in arts, crafts, design and visual arts teacher education. All education programs of Konstfack share a common artistic basis. The school was founded in 1844 and has currently 900 students and 200 staff members.



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