September 5, 2014

Midwest Matrix: Continuum

School of Art and Design at Indiana University, Bloomington
Carmon Colangelo, Jose & Joyce, from “Storms series,” 2014. Intaglio, digital relief printing, and chine-collé on paper, 22 1/4 x 36 1/8 inches. Courtesy of Bruno David Gallery, St. Louis.

Midwest Matrix: Continuum exhibiting artists:
Jennifer Anderson (Roanoke, VA), Ellie Honl (Bloomington, IN), James Bailey (Missoula, MT), Anita Jung (Iowa City, IA), Wendy Calman (Bloomington, IN), Michael Krueger (Lawrence, KS), Jason Clark (Missoula, MT), Karen Kunc (Avoca, NE), Carmon Colangelo (St. Louis, MO), Carrie Lingscheit (Chicago, IL), Tyler Ferreira (Long Beach, CA), Joseph Lupo (Morgantown, WV), Oscar Gillespie (Peoria, IL), Kristen Martincic (Roswell, NM), Susan Goldman (Fairfax, VA), Danielle Peters (Emporia, KS), Dusty Herbig (Syracuse, NY), Roxanne Sexauer (Long Beach, CA), John Hitchcock (Madison, WI), Star Varner (Georgetown, TX)

Midwest Matrix: Continuum explores the “Midwest tradition” of printmaking, featuring over 20 artists highlighting this history and calling attention to the next generation of artists. Susan Goldman, Director of Lily Press in Rockville, MD, and former professor of printmaking and master printer for Navigation Press at George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, created the documentary Midwest Matrix. This film explores the history of fine art printmaking in the American Midwest. European expatriate artists and their students, post-World War II, either transformed existing or founded influential workshops and printmaking departments in Midwestern universities. Goldman’s documentary examines the strong sense of community that prevails and how it continues to manifest itself. Mentors of this Midwest printmaking tradition will exhibit alongside nominated former students, who have gone on to have active careers of their own.

Dennis McNett, one of these former students, will create a print installation in conjunction with the “Midwest Matrix: Continuum” symposium. His installation, titled Wolfbat Offerings: Blooming Grove and the Luck of the Cardinal, will focus on the cardinal as the state bird of Indiana with a rich mythological history. Midwest Matrix articulates a history and the legacy of fine art printmaking in the American Midwest and poses the question: What is the “Midwest tradition” of printmaking?

This exhibition is shown in conjunction with the “Midwest Matrix: Continuum” symposium at Indiana University from September 19 to 21. More information about the symposium can be found here.

These exhibits and corresponding programs were made possible by The College Arts and Humanities Institute, The Grunwald Gallery of Art, and the Printmaking workshop, all at Indiana University, and by Wendy Calman and Homer Hogle, Susan Goldman and Jeffrey Owens, and Carolyn O. Goldman.


2 Midwest Matrix: Continuum at Grunwald Gallery of Art, Indiana University, Bloomington

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