October 30, 2014

“Parenthesis:” an unconference

Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD)
Veit Stauffer, Das Denken der Männer wird überbewertet (The thinking of men is overrated), 1976. Performance in public space for several hours, Zurich, Switzerland. Courtesy of the artist. Photograph: Thomas Fehlmann.

The Swiss Artistic Research Network proposes a 24-hour unconference, composed of around 20  projects from Swiss art schools. “Parenthesis” leaves aside the perpetual questions of results in the artistic research, and creates an open and interactive space. From noon to noon, “Parenthesis” will gather artists, researchers, speakers, performers and students to experiment, create, and think together about the current challenges of artistic research. Guests Uriel Orlow and Nico Dockx, both artist-researchers, will present their research among other events dedicated to these exploratory 24 hours. Our aim within this 24-hour unconference is to create a space that explores the relationship between format and project in the process of practising artistic research. How does our mode of presentation influence how our research projects resonate in their material and with their audiences?


About the Swiss Artistic Research Network (SARN)
Since 2011 the Swiss Artistic Research Network (SARN) is a platform for the coordination and communication of activities between and around the artistic research community of Switzerland’s art schools and internationally.

Since the implementation of the Bologna Reform and the start of the MFA programmes in Switzerland (2008) artistic research has attracted interest and vibrant debate. In close association with educational programmes and external partners, as well as independent artists, departments for artistic research have developed methodologies, results and strategies in numerous projects. It is SARN’s key assignment to initiate interaction, discuss standards and disseminate swiss artistic research.

Swiss Artistic Research Network
HEAD Geneva
Rue de Lyon, 22
CH 1205 Geneva


Geneva University of Art and Design presents "Parenthesis," an unconference to share processes in artistic research

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