December 16, 2014

Call for applications

Oslo National Academy of the Arts
Photo: Jan Verwoert.

A place of making, a site for thinking, an environment to study, talk, be, research, receive tutorial support and produce work. With a faculty of internationally acclaimed artists, writers and curators, access to excellent workshop facilities, good studio spaces and rich library resources, the Master of Fine Art programme at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts is dedicated to giving Master students every possibility of taking their work to the next level.

The Master programme is designed to provide space and make time for the in-depth conceptual discussion and practical exploration of the potentials of each student’s practice, in self-directed research, studio work, one-on-one tutorials, group critiques, theory courses, seminar- as well as project-based teaching. Composed of experienced professionals with ample expertise in interdisciplinary conceptual approaches as well as medium-specific practices, the faculty is prepared to formulate critical challenges and provide support, in response to the individual student’s artistic concerns.

As applicants, the Master programme is looking for artists who have built their own practice, working independently, and now feel the need to test and expand their premises, so as to open their work to new fields of possibility, in conceptual as well as practical terms. The Master programme’s faculty is fully committed to inspiring and assisting this development. Study projects initiated and led by Master students are equally encouraged and supported by the course.

The Master programme at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts is a lively place of urban learning. As such it is part of the landscape of institutions and art initiatives driving the current transformation of Oslo into one of the most active cities for producing, exhibiting and discussing contemporary art and culture in Northern Europe today.

Jeannette Christensen, Dag Erik Elgin, Rike Frank, Gard Frigstad, Dora Garcìa, Felix Gmelin, Stian Grøgaard, Saskia Holmkvist, Bouchra Khalili, Maria Lind, Michael O’Donnell, Mike Sperlinger, Dirkjan van der Linde, Jan Verwoert and Susanne M. Winterling.

For application form and further information about our Master and Bachelor programmes, please write to Senior Executive Officer Berit Andresen at [email protected].


Oslo National Academy of the Arts: call for applications

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