February 5, 2015

Anual de Arte (46th Art Annual) FAAP

Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP)
Exhibition view, 46th FAAP Art Annual. FAAP Culture Room., 2014. Photo: Patricia Zeppellini/FAAP.

On 8 February 2015, the 46th FAAP Annual Art Show will come to an end, having been open to the public since 18 November 2014. The catalogue will be available at the venue and, starting February 8, here.

On the day before, 7 February, at 3pm, the exhibition space—the Culture Room—will host a talk with invited artists Anna Mazzei and Isis Gasparini, mediated by Marcos Moraes.

Anual de Arte FAAP/FAAP Art Annual
Since 1964 FAAP has hosted Art Annual, exhibiting the visual production of its course students. It is one of the most traditional and long-standing contemporary art exhibitions in the city of São Paulo. The show brings together artworks from different media selected by a committee made up of professionals who play a leading role in the art scene, including artists, researchers, critics, curators and lecturers in FAAP’s Visual Arts course.

According to Professor Marcos Moraes, the course coordinator, “amongst its initiatives which seek to expand and maximise the impact of our artist training, the opportunity to take part in the exhibition offers to our students interested in working in the visual field the chance to get closer to the strategies, agents, and events of the art system by offering them the option to experience all stages of an exhibition process, from registration and selection to awarding, not to mention the creative potential unleashed by the perspective coming from the public—the external gaze.”

Seeking to assert its position as a space of reflection and discussion on contemporary production, the Art Annual also holds a programme of parallel activities, which were launched on 25 November 2014 through a forum with the Selection Committee (Aline Van Langendonck, Fernando Oliva, Nancy Betts and Marcos Moraes) and on 27 November 2014 with the Awards Committee composed of Paulo Miyada, Rejane Cintrão and Regina Parra.

The activities—exhibition, talks and catalogue—are open not only to the students, lecturers and selected artists, but also to an outside audience, the community in general and any other interested parties.

The Awards Committee—made up of top professionals in the field of visual arts who work both nationally and internationally—grants annual scholarships to seven of the selected students; three with a 90% fee discount, two with a 75% discount and another two with 60% discount. In this edition, the awardees were respectively: Cleo Dobberthin, Raphaela Melsohn and Yudi Rafael; Israel Macedo and Pedro Geraldo; Luiza Gottschalk and João Fasolino.

Invited artists
The participation of invited artists in the Art Annual since 1999 is an initiative that has been consolidated at every new edition. Since 2009, the show has invited artists who participate in the Artist-in-Residency programme that FAAP holds with Cité des Arts in Paris.

According to Moraes, “the strategy of inviting an artist who has present or previous links with FAAP as a lecturer or student expands the opportunity for potential dialogues between the production of current visual art students with artists who are already established in the art system. Their presence in the exhibition broadens the potential relationships between the different contexts of artistic production, and strengthens the link to FAAP’s Visual Arts course.”

For this edition a special room is on display with invited artists Ana Mazzei and Isis Gaparini, who took part in FAAP’s Artist-in-Residency programme at Cité des Arts, in Paris.

FAAP’s Artist-in-Residency programme at Cité des Arts was launched in 1997 and is the only residency programme by a Brazilian educational institution with the French organisation for a set duration of 50 years. It allows selected Brazilian artists to have a residency experience in the context of a European capital.

Visual Arts course—FAAP  
Created in the mid-1950s, the Visual Arts course is recognised as a benchmark in the field—it gathers a significant sample of Brazilian artists and theorists in the visual arts field, who were students or lectures at this institution. Currently, the course trains professionals in the field of visual arts, artists, researchers and other individuals engaged with the art world. Over the decades, FAAP has established itself as a reference in research and artistic production, especially in the contemporary art scene both nationally and internationally.

Learn more about the course here.

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