February 10, 2015

New Media Narratives certificate program

International Center of Photography

© Daniel Temkin, ICP Alumnus (MFA12) and New Media Narratives Instructor.

New Media Narratives one-year certificate program 
Program Chair: Elizabeth Kilroy

The International Center of Photography (ICP) begins a fresh chapter in its history of innovation by introducing a new one-year full-time educational program New Media Narratives. Applicants hoping to invent and refine new strategies of image-making in a contemporary environment of mobile phones, social media, code, hack-a-thons, multimedia, and data visualization are encouraged to apply.

New Media Narratives draws on the institution’s tradition of progressive, engaged, experimental photography in the pursuit of telling the most important stories. Participants study experimental media from the days of the Surrealists to today, use technology including DSLRs and cell phones to create and distribute their work, learn the fundamentals of coding, have access to ICP’s enormous image archive, and work both individually and in groups. New Media Narratives welcomes artists, documentarians, and aspiring producers from all kinds of backgrounds.

Students have the opportunity to explore subjects from multiple angles to tell complex stories that use the attributes of multiple media to their full potential. Designing and mediating the intricate digital interactions of the current media landscape to produce a desired narrative experience is the job of the contemporary visual storyteller. “ICP has a long tradition of excellence in visual storytelling,” said Elizabeth Kilroy, Program Chair. “We aim to create an inspiring, collaborative, innovative, and playful space where students make great work and form a lasting community.”

Currently accepting applications for fall 2015. Apply online.

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