March 18, 2015

Publicum at Valand Academy

University of Gothenburg
Alanna Lynch (MFA Fine Art), 1404 Inhabitants of the Schoolhouse, 2014. Site-specific performance and installation. Part of the group exhibition A Temporary Roof. Photographer: Johan Wingborg, 2014.

The students and staff of the Valand Academy are pleased to announce the spring 2015 Publicum programme, including advance notice of our 150th anniversary events in fall 2015. The Publicum spring programme includes exhibitions, conferences, seminars and lectures all of which are open to the public free of charge. Valand Academy is the platform for artistic practice in film, photography, fine art and literature at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Conference, seminars and public lectures

“The Photographer from Riga” 
18 March
Lecture and film screening with Inta Ruka and Maud Nycander.
Valand Academy, Gothenburg
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“Creativity, Art and Archaeology” 
24 March
Seminar with Tim Ingold, Joey Bryniarska and Martin Westwood.
Valand Academy, Gothenburg
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“Environmental Photography and Humanities” 
23–24 April
International symposium with Subhankar Banerjee, Daniel Schrag, Liz Wells, Anders Wijkman, Anne Noble, Mark Klett and Per Holmlund.
Valand Academy, Gothenburg
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“Making Movies out of Sex and Life” 
21 May 
Public presentation and film screening by visual artist Barbara Hammer.
Valand Academy, Gothenburg
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“Translating Anne Carson” 
29 May
Public dialogue with Mara Lee and Anja Utler.
Göteborgs litteraturhus, Gothenburg
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30–31 May
Research Pavilion at the Biennale, Venice
Valand Academy at the Venice Biennale, conducting an exploration of the dynamics of the “exhibitable” and the construction of publicness in the spirit of Robert Smithson’s site/nonsiteseries with Paul O’Neill and Mick Wilson.
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“Trust and Dialogue” 
3–5 June
Symposium celebrating the completion in 2014 of Esther Shalev Gerz’s major three-year artistic research project funded by the Swedish Research Council with Rosalyn Deutsche and Lisa le Feuvre.
Valand Academy, Gothenburg
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Exhibition openings

Valand15: Individual Thesis Exhibitions 
27 March
MFA Fine Art & MFA Photography  
Vasagatan 33, Gothenburg
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Exhibition as Laboratory: Can you dig it? 
17 April
MFA Fine Art first-year exhibition
Vasagatan 33, Gothenburg
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Thesis Exibition at Röda Sten 
25 April
BFA Photography
Röda Sten Konsthall, Gothenburg
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Valand15: Group Exhibition 
2 May
MFA Fine Art & MFA Photography  
Göteborgs Konsthall, Gothenburg
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Spring Exhibition 
22 May
Annual open format show by Valand Academy students.
Valand Academy and Göteborgs Stadsmuseum, Gothenburg
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Thesis Exhibition at Sockerbruket 
22 May
BFA Fine Art
Tredje våningen and Enrico Palazzo, Gothenburg
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Advance notice for fall 2015

“Critical Practices: Educations from Art and Artists” 
2–3 October
Marking the 150th anniversary of founding of an independent art education in Gothenburg, we are hosting a conference on the potentials and conditions of contemporary art education with particular focus on the role of art and of artists in generating critical practices. Confirmed participants include Steven Madoff, Katya Sander, Dave Beech and Rod Stoneman.
Valand Academy, Gothenburg
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“TIME: The first PARSE Biennial Research Conference” 
5–6 November
Major international conference with Susan Howe, Coco Fusco, Bruno Latour, Jalal Toufic and Simonetta Carbonaro. The Academy will co-host, together with the Academy of Music and Drama and the School of Design and Craft at Gothenburg University, the first major international conference organised by the Platform for Artistic Research Sweden (PARSE) in Gothenburg. (Note that entrance fee applies.)
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Open Day at Valand Academy 
27 November
Open Day is organised annually and gives an opportunity to meet teachers and students, visit studios and workshops, take part of art exhibitions, guided tours and get information about education offered within our subject areas; Film, Photography, Fine Art and Literature. Valand Academy, Gothenburg
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Paulin Nande: [email protected]

Valand Academy
University of Gothenburg
Vasagatan 50


Publicum, spring 2015: public programmes at Valand Academy, Gothenburg, Sweden

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