March 19, 2015

Workshop and courses at Summer University of the Arts

Berlin University of the Arts
Valérie Favre during her workshop, Summer University 2014. Photo: Annika Hallerberg.

Programme highlights of the Summer University of the Arts 2015 in Berlin at one of the biggest, most diversified and traditional art universities in Europe:

From July 14 to 16 Valérie Favre and Robert Lucander will offer a very exclusive workshop for participants to discuss their artwork as well as their understanding of painting. Participants have the unique opportunity to experience the intimate atmosphere of the artist studios at the university.

Franziska Morlok and Martin Conrads are offering a specialized workshop on Zine Design from July 28 to 31. They will explore how libraries and archives can be used as machines for post-digital graphic and book design.

Developing innovative materials for floating structures is the aim of the workshop with Julia Schilling and Daniel Schwabe from August 31 to September 6. The two architects specializing in the field of Floating Architecture will guide the participants through the processes of designing for water-bound architecture and spatial planning.

Between August 3 and 7 Nora Bilz and Magdalena Kallenberger will investigate new narrative strategies offered by techniques like Cinemagraphy and develop innovative concepts in digital storytelling for new media.

The distance between business and creativity will be bridged in a workshop from August 24 to 27 with Monika Frech and Domink Kenzler, founders by the start up Dark Horse innovation agency. Using methods of design thinking together with the participants, they will explore new trends and create inspiring products.

Communicating the importance of Service Design within the creative industries is the focus of the seminar with Manuel Großmann and Olga Scupin. During their workshop from September 22 to 26 they will provide an extensive introduction into the methods and tools connected with user-oriented perspectives.

Daniela Plewe and Susa Schmid will offer insight into diverse creative strategies from July 15 to 19. De Bono, Blue Ocean and Design Thinking methods will be discussed and investigated within the context of the participants’ own creative business ideas.


The Summer University of the Arts is home to a multitude of workshops and courses incorporating all disciplines of the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK): Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Design and Music.

The broad spectrum of courses ranges from classical master-classes to experimental workshops and new formats. International artists have the unique opportunity to gain an insightful look into and experience the world behind the scenes of the world-renowned art university as well as to meet and network with other artists, all while expanding individual creative horizons.

Within the programme of the International Summer School of Creative Entrepreneurship (ISSCE)—a project sponsored by the European Fund for Regional Development via the Berlin cultural administration—artists and creatives of all disciplines, designers and creative entrepreneurs have the opportunity to participate in courses on diverse and interdisciplinary subjects taught and conceived by renowned international experts. Seminars are offered in the fields of: Career Planning and Self-Marketing, Creative Entrepreneurship and Organisation, as well as Arts Management.



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