April 2, 2015

AmplitudeSound Arts MFA spring exhibition

Columbia University School of the Arts
Carla Cisno, Eyes on the Horizon Perhaps (detail, test piece), 2015. Mixed media, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist.


Curated by Wave Farm

Artists: Carla Cisno, Nolan Lem, Alice Emily Baird, Cameron Fraser, Chatori Shimizu, Frank Spigner

Vibration and resonance, environmental sonification and transmission, kinetic and mechanical sound, and the connotation of cadence are the central ideas that move throughout Amplitude, an exhibition centered on the third floor gallery and distributed throughout Pioneer Works. Amplitude features new work by Columbia University School of the Arts first-year Sound Arts MFA students, and thesis projects by the first graduates of the newly established program, Carla Cisno and Nolan Lem.

Informed by the traditions of sculpture, video art, composition and computer music, the works exhibited in Amplitude are unified by their essential consideration and foregrounding of sound.

The Columbia University School of the Arts Sound Arts MFA is an interdepartmental program offered by the Visual Arts MFA Program in association with the Department of Music and the Computer Music Center. Columbia University has been at the helm of sound innovation for over 50  years with faculty specializing in composition, improvisation, music theory, musicology, installation, sculpture, instrument building, acoustics, music cognition, and software development. Faculty from the Computer Music Center, along with colleagues from Composition, Visual Arts, and Engineering, led the development of the new interdisciplinary area in Sound Arts that leads to the Master of Fine Arts degree awarded by the School of the Arts.

Columbia University School of the Arts awards the Master of Fine Arts degree in Film, Theatre, Visual Arts and Writing, the Master of Arts degree in Film Studies, and an interdisciplinary program in Sound Arts. The School is a thriving, diverse community of artists from around the world with talent, vision and commitment. The faculty is composed of acclaimed and internationally renowned artists, film and theatre directors, writers of poetry, fiction and nonfiction, playwrights, producers, critics and scholars. Every year the School of the Arts presents exciting and innovative programs for the public including performances, exhibitions, screenings, symposia, a film festival and numerous lectures, readings, panel discussions and talks with artists, writers, critics and scholars.


Amplitude: Columbia University School of the Arts Sound Arts MFA Spring Exhibition

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