April 6, 2015

Extended deadline: Master Media Design & Communication

Piet Zwart Institute

Nan Wang, DUST, 2014. Installation. Courtesy of Janis Klimanovs.

The Piet Zwart Institute, Master Media Design (Lens-Based Media And Networked Media) is a two-year, intensive project-based research degree that will equip you to create a distinctive voice as an artist, designer and creative researcher in the contemporary media landscape, combining collective learning, theoretical inquiry, and intensive individual tutorial support to develop your creative practice and research.

Our programme encourages students to explore the new possibilities released by the friction between media forms, critically working across the historical gaps between photography, cinema, animation, mobile media, information systems and technological networks. This course does not believe in old media and new media, nor in the pattern of media extinctions that punctuate traditional media histories: we believe in the cross fertilisation of a thriving media ecology.

Digital media can be thought of as a field in which radically different materialities of software, interface and human behaviour are being brought together for the first time. This is often experienced as tensions between computer code and the images that this code generates but not always explains; a tension between abstract symbols and concrete models, between concept and sensation. This course does not try to resolve these tensions but uses them to stimulate new ways to think about how we might live with and actively influence information today.

To apply for the Master Media Design & Communication course of the Piet Zwart Institute, please follow the link to our online application. Here you can register, start your application, save and finalise it at any given moment before the application deadline.

While the formal application must be completed online in accordance with the deadlines, we value informal contact with potential applicants and encourage visits during open days or to arrange an in-person portfolio viewing or to visit the programme to meet members of the staff or current students. Short-listed applicants will be asked to conduct either a face-to-face meeting or an online interview. In addition, short-listed applicants who wish to send physical materials are welcome to do so.

Based on merit, places will be filled from the first deadline (January 31, 2015) onwards. Non-European students are advised to apply before the second deadline each year, however, European students are still eligible to apply for the third deadline, April 1.

For more information on the course, staff and current students, check our website.



Extended deadline at Piet Zwart Institute: Master Media Design & Communication

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