Neoliberalism at the Margins
Columbia University
Above: Image courtesy of Columbia University.
Above: Image courtesy of Columbia University.

April 17, 2015, 1–5:30pm

Columbia University
612 Schermerhorn Hall
New York

The transitions to neoliberalism in Latin America and Eastern Europe in the late 20th century served as a backdrop to the commercial success and increasing institutional attention paid to contemporary artworks from these regions. This event brings together curators, critics and scholars to reexamine the potential parallelisms between the phenomena of contemporary art and neoliberalism in both of these geopolitical contexts.

Session one, 1pm
Sven Spieker
Anthony Gardner
Angela Harutyunyan
Karen Benezra, moderator

Session two, 3:15pm
Octavian Eșanu
Ernesto Menéndez Conde
Claudia Calirman
Alexander Alberro, moderator

Sponsored by Columbia University, and Institute for Studies on Latin American Art.


Neoliberalism at the Margins at Columbia University

April 10, 2015