April 15, 2015

The Domain of theGreat Bear:Peter Osborne on “Use! Value! Exchange! Inside and Outside Relations of Exchange­ 2”

Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm

Phil Collins, Use! Value! Exchange! (still), 2010. Video.

A lecture by Peter Osborne on “Use! Value! Exchange! Inside and Outside Relations of Exchange­ 2″

About the lecture
The lecture by Peter Osborne borrows its title from the 2010 film by the artist Phil Collins that centres on the teaching of a class on Marx’s Capital to young people in eastern Germany after that country’s reunification. Osborne’s talk will reflect upon the revival of interest in Marx’s critique of political economy, its continuing and indeed increasing relevance to the social experience of capitalist societies, and the prospects for a new philosophical interpretation of Capital, centred on its complex structure of temporal categories. Particular attention will be paid to the dialectic of use-value and exchange-value internal to the commodity form and the problematic of the political function of cultural use-values.

The lecture serves as the continuation in a PhD Exchange Seminar series between the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Kingston University London, and the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm held at RIA throughout Tuesday 28 April with the participation of PhD candidates from CRMEP: Maria Chehonadskih, Alex Fletcher, Lucie Mercier, Will Potter, Josefine Wikström, and from RIA: Emanuel Almborg, Ana Džokić with Marc Neelen (STEALTH.unlimited), Melanie Gilligan, Simon Goldin with Jakob Senneby (Goldin+Senneby), Olivia Plender.

About the speaker 
Peter Osborne is Professor of Modern European Philosophy and Director of the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP), Kingston University London, and an editor of the British journal Radical Philosophy. His books include: The Politics of Time: Modernity and Avant-Garde (1995; 2011), Philosophy in Cultural Theory (2000), Conceptual Art (2002), Marx (2005), El arte más allá de la estética: Ensayos filosóficos sobre el arte contemporá- neo (CENDEAC, Murcia, 2010) and most recently, Anywhere or Not at All: Philosophy of Contemporary Art, Verso (2013).

Commencing in autumn 2015, Peter Osborne is the International Visiting Chair (rotating with Professor Catherine Malabou) of “Philosophy in the Context of Art” at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. The programme will be based on the reflexive relocation of ongoing research in modern European philosophy into the context of postgraduate education at the Royal Institute of Art. The programme will involve research into the current state of concepts central to philosophical research that have a distinct but as yet unexplored relevance to art practices and discourses more generally.

About “The Domain of the Great Bear”
“The Domain of the Great Bear” is the research platform of the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm—a series of public lectures, workshops and events focusing on art and production and the changing nature of conditions for that production to address the challenges and aspirations for anyone claiming the category of artist. “The Domain of the Great Bear” serves as RIA’s will as an institution to plant within the public domain a set of attitudes about art, architecture, knowledge and culture that extend from historicity forwards, and visa versa—forwards, backwards—to serve as a larger conversation piece about anything that claims itself as or beyond the art world.

About the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm
The Royal Institute of Art is a leading art institution of higher education located in Stockholm that offers both undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Fine Arts and Architecture. For further details about this programme and the application process, contact Anneli Hovberger, Director of Academic Administration, at [email protected].


"The Domain of the Great Bear": a lecture by Peter Osborne at the Royal Institute of Art

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