April 30, 2015

Issue 1, “Judgement”

PARSE Journal at the University of Gothenburg
Magnus Bärtås, Miraklet i Tensta (Theoria) / The Miracle in Tensta (Theoria), 2014. 4 K converted to HD video, 16 minutes. Cinematographer: Marius Dybwad Brandrud.

Editors: Henk Slager, University of the Arts, Utrecht; Ingrid Elam & Johan Öberg, University of Gothenburg; Editor-in-Chief: Mick Wilson, University of Gothenburg

With Christian Boltanski, Mine Doğantan Dack, Ruth Herz, Rainer Ganahl, Maria Lind, Maria Fusco, Simon Critchley, Andrea Phillips & Mick Wilson

The first issue of the new artistic research journal, PARSE, takes as its point of departure the question of judgement.

Ours is a time when all traditional forms of judgement and evaluation are put into question, into doubt, are subverted etc., be it the judgements of experts, critics, of courts, Academia, or simply “men” and “women”.

Judgement thus has been spotted as one symbolic construct among others. It has been torn down from its “theoretical” position, and transformed into contested practice among other contested practices.

Still judgement and evaluation are being carried out. Late modernity / liquid modernity is also an evaluating and judging society.

Where, when and by whom are judgement and evaluation actually being generated today?

What is the value and the legitimacy of judgement today?

These questions are open. They sound with the whole history of modern thought and art.

PARSE—Platform for Artistic Research Sweden—is an international art and research publishing and conferencing initiative based at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Combining a biennial research conference and a peer-reviewed research journal, PARSE provides a forum for dialogue between artistic researchers and researchers from other domains and disciplines.

Issue 2 of PARSE, fall 2015, will address the question of “Value” and includes contributions from Richard Birkett, Alberto Lopez Cuenca, Goldin + Senneby, Hannah Newell, Lisa Soskolne, Donna Yates, Victoria Ivanova, Katleen Vermeir and Ronny Heiremans.


PARSE Journal issue one, "Judgement" available online now

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