June 12, 2015

Frontiers in Retreat: Excavations

Helsinki International Artist Program (HIAP)
Frontiers in Retreat: Excavations, 2015. Design: Node Berlin Oslo.

Carl Giffney (Dublin, Offaly)
Tue Greenfort (Berlin)
Barbara Knezevic (Dublin)
Tuomas A. Laitinen (Helsinki, Los Angeles)
Hanna Ljungh (Stockholm)
Mirko Nikolić (London, Belgrade)
The BodyBuilding Project (Helsinki, Berlin, NYC, Washington D.C.)

Curator Jenni Nurmenniemi (HIAP) in dialogue with Saara Hannula (The BodyBuilding Project)

The second international group exhibition organised by HIAP—Helsinki International Artist Programme within the Frontiers in Retreat project (2013–18) moves between underground and aboveground in both theme and method. The artists explore historical and emergent dependencies between beings, things, and worldly phenomena through acts of surfacing, exposing, extracting, re-assembling, redirecting and rehearsing.

The exhibition therefore functions as a site for various forms of artistic excavations. The circulation and connectedness of matter are examined from the levels of microorganisms and minerals; the bodies and the macro metabolism of the Earth. The gallery space becomes both a mine and a testing ground for new possibilities of coexistence.

Excavations will display new and recent works by six artists that have been living and working in HIAP residencies in 2014–15. Throughout the summer, The BodyBuilding Project, a perennial collaboration consisting of ongoing artistic research processes and a series of public events, will also inhabit Gallery Augusta. The project is formed by changing open constellations of both human and nonhuman participants. It aims to develop ways of sensing and relating to phenomena, such as climate change, that are too vast to be experienced and understood.

In dialogue with the space and the artworks exhibited, their members aim to establish a continuous collective practice that visitors can join at will. The exhibition will be used to rethink subjectivities and practice new ways of co-existing with other beings within the precarious parameters of the early 21st century. How can we become increasingly susceptible to these phenomena and allow them to affect and inform our ways of living?

Frontiers in Retreat project has been funded with support from the Culture Programme of the European Union, Ministry of Education and Culture, Kone Foundation and Alfred Kordelin Foundation.

Additional information and press material:
Communications officer, Jasmin Islamovic
T +358 45 859 7811 / [email protected]


Frontiers in Retreat: Excavations at Helsinki International Artist Program (HIAP)

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