June 30, 2015

Call for applications: Master in Visual Arts, Master in Audiovisual Arts, Master in Music, Advanced Master in Music, Master in Drama

Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK), School of Arts of University College Ghent
Raf Michiels, Familie Ties, 2014. Photograph, 63 x 42 cm. © Raf Michiels.

Studying in English at KASK or Royal Conservatory Ghent
The Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK) and the Royal Conservatory constitute the School of Arts of the University College Ghent. The school brings talented and motivated students together with outstanding educators, active artists, designers and theorists in art and design from all over the world. The mission statement of the school defines its main tasks: development of the arts, education and research in an international perspective.

Our master’s programmes are laboratories of work and ideas where instructors and promotors stimulate rather than direct their students. As a student, your own process is at the center. The varied range of artistic disciplines in the School of Arts Ghent makes for mutually inspiring and relatively open training programs. As transdisciplinarity in the arts becomes ever more important, there is room for cross-fertilization in your training programme. In addition you will be introduced to some of the numerous theoretical and artistic research projects our lecturers are engaged in. The dissertation stimulates you to deliberately examine and formulate themes important to your work as an artist or a designer. The School of Arts offers English Language master programmes in the visual arts, audiovisual arts and music. There are no differences in curricula, competencies, learning outcomes or organization between the English Language programmes and their Dutch Language counterparts.

The campuses for School of Arts Ghent are at the epicenter of Ghent, the cultural capital of Flanders. Ghent is very receptive to the international art scene and especially welcoming to students. In addition to being embedded in this artistically rich environment, the school itself is a cultural actor organizing exhibitions, concerts, festivals, weekly lectures and daily film screenings.

Our master’s programmes include:

Master of Visual Arts (one year) 
– Fine Arts (Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Installation Art, Media Art)
– Textiles Design
– Fashion
– Photography
– Graphic Design (Graphic Design, Graphic Arts, New Media, Illustration)
– Multimedia Design

Master of Audiovisual Arts (one year)
– Animation Film
– Film

Master of Drama (one year)

Master of Music (two years)
– Performing Music: Classical Music
– Performing Music: Jazz/Pop
– Composing Music: Music Production
– Composing Music: Composition
– Musical instrument making
– Music theory and notation

Advanced Master of Music (two years)
– Contemporary music
– Contemporary performance practice

Info & application forms
More info & application form—Master in Visual and Audiovisual Arts and Drama here
More info & application form—Master and Advanced Master studies in Music here


If you have any questions about your application for the master or advanced master program or if you are interested in joining a student exchange programme with School of Arts Ghent, feel free to contact us: [email protected] (master and advanced master programs) / [email protected] (exchange programmes) / T +0032 9 2670172

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK) and the Royal Conservatory together constitute the School of Arts of University College Ghent.


Call for applications: Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK), School of Arts of University College Ghent master's programs

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