July 9, 2015

Rundgang: three days of open doors

Berlin University of the Arts
Photo: Mireya Gomes Palmeira, student of klassewerbung, Professor Uwe Vock, UdK Berlin.

The Rundgang at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK Berlin) is one of the highlights of Berlin’s summer events calendar. Every year, Germany’s largest arts university opens its workshops, ateliers, studios and rehearsal rooms to the public, providing an opportunity to meet young artists. Our four colleges (Fine Art, Architecture, Media and Design, Music and Performing Arts), together with the Berlin Career College and the Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin, will show their students’ artwork and semester projects.

Anyone taking a look behind the scenes at UdK Berlin will be impressed by the high quality and the sheer variety of artistic work and research projects.

Everyone at UdK Berlin will be happy to welcome you to our many buildings to attend three days of intensive art experiences.

For more information and dates, please see the program.


Berlin University of the Arts Rundgang 2015

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