October 17, 2015

Call for applications

DAS Graduate School at Amsterdam University of the Arts

Ana Wild, La Traviata and the Beginning of the End, 2015. Photo: Thomas Lenden.

To professional theatre makers, as well as creative producers, curators and programme makers (Yes, we have new profile):

DasArts is an international laboratory for professionals working in the contemporary performing arts. Theatre makers, creative producers, curators and programme makers studying at DasArts define their goals and explore and adopt the appropriate research methods.

Are you looking for challenging peer-to-peer exchanges, new input and unexpected artistic experiences? This is exactly how the DasArts programme supports your artistic and professional development. Based in Amsterdam, DasArts offers a residential programme leading to a Master of Arts (MA) degree.

Read below for more information about DasArts, professional theatre makers, creative producers, curators and programme makers in a changing world, and the room DasArts offers for integrating professional activities.

Open day
We look forward to welcoming you during our open day on 30 October. Ask all your questions about our curriculum, meet the staff, share activities, and see the work of the artists currently studying at DasArts. If you want to attend the open day, please send us an email at [email protected].

Between 2 and 7pm is a great occasion to discover more about the DasArts programme. You can participate in self-devised mini-workshops by DasArts-participants, and in the afternoon, there is a “How Do You Work?” session with an invited curator/creative producer or program maker.

In the evening, DasArts participants will present the performances they developed at DasArts. During a discussion afterwards, we will explore the motivations and goals of the participants.

Application deadline: Thursday 19 November
(Take notice: earlier deadline this year)

For more information about the application procedure and deadline for applications, please visit:


About DasArts
Theatre makers, creative producers, curators and programme makers studying at DasArts define their goals and gradually explore and adopt the appropriate research methods. Although the focus is on individual development, our main educational strategies revolve around the learning potential of encounters. Exchanges with peers, guest teachers and staff ideally have the character of significant collisions. These strategies enable important artistic and professional developments and form the basis of our strong international network.

Theatre makers in a changing world
The arts field is facing some real challenges nowadays. The overall political climate demands far more entrepreneurship and self-sustaining models. In the midst of digital innovations, quests for (new) audiences, and for a new sense of responsibility within social and political movements, the performing arts are repositioning themselves.

At DasArts we consciously bring into our programme practitioners and theoreticians who contribute to the cross-cultural critical environment of the performing arts. Theatre is the backdrop—both through its traditions and its avant-garde spirit. Performance is part of this legacy.

Creative producers, curators and programme makers
Artists are not the only ones to respond to these changes: producers, curators and programme makers are also redefining their roles and developing their practices. DasArts offers creative producers, curators and programme makers an environment where, together with the group of theatre makers, they can expand their knowledge, skills, international network and critical discourse.

We have chosen to address the current discussions and challenges as a continuous dialogue between theatre makers and the people who create the conditions and context for artistic work. They will combine their own professional undertakings with intense peer-to-peer exchange, rich input and tutoring.

Room for integrating professional activities
Emerging theatre professionals often have two needs: on the one hand, finding a place and the time to do research in order to develop their practice, and on the other, engaging in professional projects in order to build up their career. DasArts has redesigned its structure to create more room for integrating professional activities in the study course.


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