October 27, 2015

Call for applications: Graduate Programs in Art, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Design

Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis
Thomas Moore (MFA ’15), Chimeric Realities, 2015. Digital projection, 9:13 minutes.

The Master of Fine Arts is a two-year, critically engaged studio program that supports the production of original creative work while challenging the conventional and habitual. As part of a tight-knit community, students investigate the relationship between idea generation and production while developing the conceptual underpinnings of their work. The program provides a forum for collaboration and both discipline-specific and interdisciplinary study. Exploration of an array of media, production methods, and distribution strategies is strongly encouraged. Graduate seminars provide the opportunity to study theory through the lens of studio practice, while a robust thesis seminar supports writing and studio-related research.

The Master of Architecture employs a practice-oriented approach that includes depth in issues of sustainability and housing. The ultimate goal is for each student to develop clear design principles, strong technical resources, and an independent, reflective position on the making of architecture in the world. Courses in architectural history and theory, building technology and structural principles, urban design, professional practice, landscape design, and representational and digital media studies inform and enrich the studio experience.

The Master of Landscape Architecture employs critical inquiry and engaged practice to explore the reformulation of disturbed urban landscapes, by developing interactive models of environmental research and design. Through their engagement with the St. Louis metropolitan region’s emergent terrains, students learn how to conduct the kind of specific and adaptive design research all cities need in order to transition to a carbon-free society. The studio serves as a laboratory for their investigations, where they experiment with design ideas and develop tools and processes to intervene, manage, and design novel conditions.

The Master of Urban Design is an innovative post-professional program that allows students to pursue advanced design and research work focused on the urban environment while acquiring the theoretical and professional foundation for an urban design practice. It provides an introduction to social, political, economic, and environmentally responsible principles of development, and to the history and theory of contemporary urbanism.

The Doctor of Sustainable Urbanism, launching in fall 2016, is a post-professional applied research degree intended to prepare professionals and advanced urban design students for careers in multidisciplinary, evidence-based sustainable urban design, as well as planning practice and teaching. The program is based on a close working relationship between doctoral students and their faculty advisors, who work together to develop a detailed course of study that takes full advantage of the University’s resources as well as those of our collaborative partners from around the country and world.

Dual Degrees in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Design
Students in the Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design have the opportunity to pursue a number of combined study options, including joint professional degrees in architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design. They may also pursue dual degrees across the University in construction management, business, social work, and public health.

Scholarship and Financial Assistance
Our graduate programs offer substantial need-based financial aid assistance as well as merit-based scholarships. In addition, University-wide fellowships and scholarships are available, including the Spencer T. Olin Fellowship for Women, the Chancellor’s Graduate Fellowship, and the McDonnell International Scholars Academy.

The Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts is an interdisciplinary and diverse community of architects, artists, and designers. Our unique structure, which brings together the academic units of Art and Architecture along with the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, allows us to build an interdisciplinary environment that fosters collaborative creative activity, research, and exhibitions aimed to address the social and environmental challenges of our time.

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