December 15, 2015

Call for applications: Graduate Studies

Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD)
View of Liz Toohey-Wiese, Souvenir, MFA thesis exhibition: There There, 2015. Courtesy of the artist.

The Master of Design (MDes) is an interdisciplinary, one-year, 42-credit program that prepares students for leading and defining positions in forward-looking careers in developing and expanding design domains. Over the course of three consecutive semesters, beginning in May of every year, students pursue practice-led design research, explorations of process, applications of theory, and scholarly writing. In a series of studio and theory courses, as well as in their thesis projects, students are encouraged to look beyond conventional strategies to formulate new and critical responses to social design opportunities.

Given the interdisciplinary nature of the program, the MDes welcomes students with diverse academic and cultural backgrounds. By working in a multidisciplinary studio environment, and in multidisciplinary teams, students gain experience in thinking and working with others who bring an international point of view to design and its globally-extended opportunities for creative endeavours outside traditional design areas.

Program start: May 2016
Program duration: 12 months; 3 consecutive semesters

The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Studio is an interdisciplinary or discipline-based program, depending on the focus of your research interests, though your application portfolio should be well focused to reflect the strength of your background and experience in a primary area of practice.

Areas of practice include:
Jewellery Design/Metalsmithing
Intermedia (includes web-based, electronic and interactive work, sound, video, performance, media installation, printed matter)
Painting and Drawing
Photography (and photo-based practices)
Printmaking (intaglio, lithography, digital, screen printing)
Sculpture (object-based work, public art, installation)

Core MFA courses are comprised of dedicated, one-on-one studio advising and seminars that foster critical thinking and writing, scholarship, research, and academic professionalism. Personalized instruction by a professionally active faculty develops direction and focus in the studio, writing and research, and building language around studio practice.

Private studios and a small group (between six and ten MFAs are admitted per year) prioritize both intensive practice and a dedicated community. MFA students are afforded the opportunity to develop their work in a context of intensive critical discussion. Academic research in art history, pedagogy, critical studies and individually developed focus areas that relate to practice form an integral part of the program.

Teaching assistantships are non-competitive and are guaranteed in all four full-time semesters of the program. Studio access is 24-hours/day year-round, minus holidays.

Applicants should possess either a BFA degree or the equivalent qualifications from a four-year university or college degree program, ability as an artist or craftsperson, an interest in teaching in the post-secondary environment, and academic competency.

For a view into the current MFA Students’ activities, visit Where We Blog! NSCAD MFA.

Program start: September 2016
Program duration: 20 to 24 months

For more information or to apply online.

Office of Admissions
5163 Duke Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Canada, B3J 3J6

[email protected] / T +902 494 8259 / F +902 442 4077 / T +1 888 444 5989



Call for applications: Graduate Studies at NSCAD University

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