August 24, 2016

New art from MFA exhibitions at Piet Zwart Institute and Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, and School Watch report from San Francisco

Art & Education
(1) Kari Robertson, Spaghetti Western, 2016. (2) Daniel Fogarty, Think of the Cars, Cars are Posters Too, 2016. (3) Steffi Parlow, Act with words, 2015. (4) Dorothea Zeyringer, On time – Eine Performance aus 38 Beginnen, 2016. (5) SFAI MFA students at work in their studio. (6) SFAI Zellerbach Quad at dusk.

art&education features Yearbook – New Art, a platform for schools to present student work from MFA shows, open-studio presentations, and other annual student exhibitions.

Yearbook exhibitions currently on view:

Piet Zwart Institute
ASSEMBLE RELATIVES: Piet Zwart Institute Master Fine Art Exhibition
Curated by Maaike Gouwenberg, Assemble Relatives is a temporary assembly of fourteen international artists across three contemporary art spaces in Rotterdam. The conversations, relationships and practices these artists have developed over two years, in the Master Fine Art at the Piet Zwart Institute, coalesce in this single moment before they disperse into a new constellation. View the exhibition here.

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Thesis Exhibition 15|16
Every year, a growing number of highly-qualified graduates of all the study programs offered at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna leave school ready to embark on their new career paths and lives. This year’s Thesis Exhibition 15|16 offered a representative overview of the artwork of students at the Academy and shows how these works have significantly contributed to the development of arts-based research. Visit the gallery here.


School Watch report from San Francisco:

Structural Integrity: Rooted Idealism at San Francisco Art Institute
By Monica Westin
When I ask [Jeff] Gunderson what changes he’s seen at SFAI over the last thirty-five years, he laughs and says that “the world has changed more. Students still come with the same brilliant mentality they have always come with; they’re just grappling with a different world.” What’s kept him there so long? “SFAI is truly on the edge of art schools. It’s an institution that doesn’t deal in graphic design or illustration or interior design or architecture. Being truly not applied in any way creates a sense of freedom that you can’t get almost anywhere else these days.”

This positioning of SFAI—as one of the very few stand-alone fine art–only schools left in the country (nobody seems quite sure how many there are; there may be as few as one or two)—is arguably one of the defining characteristics of the MFA program, according to those I interviewed. [read more]

School Watch presents distilled perspectives on degree programs in the arts, with interviews, critical texts and editorial exposés on MFAs, Masters, Doctorates and certificate programs in fine arts, art history, curatorial, cultural and film studies, and other related areas of specialty.

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