teilungen: Master Fine Arts degree show 2016
Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK)
Above: Aljoscha Thomas, from the series “Silent Visions,” 2016.
Above: Aljoscha Thomas, from the series “Silent Visions,” 2016.

September 15–18 and 22–25, 2016

Opening: Friday, September 16, 6pm

Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK)
Förrlibuckstrasse 178, 5th Floor
8005 Zurich,
Hours: noon–6pm

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We are pleased to announce teilungen (con/divisions), the 2016 degree show of the ZHdK‘s Master of Arts in Fine Arts graduates, presenting the works of

Alexander Barthelmie, Karin Borer, Félicia Eisenring, Franziska Ewald, Silvio Faieta, Rolf Flüeler, Marie Griesmar, Manuela Hitz/Tamara Widmer, Dominik Hodel / Jeff Rossi, Egija Inzule, Thomas Knüsel, Anna Krammig, Eleonora Meier, Maya Minder, Marion Ritzmann, Cyrielle Schweizer, Nadja Solari, Nora Steiner, Aljoscha Thomas, Gian-Andri Töndury, Max Treier, Philip Ullrich, Tilde von Overbeck, Ingrid Wildi Merino, with guest contributions by Sarah Abu Abdallah, Wung Au, Valentin Beck, Sofia Bempeza, Ursula Biemann, Bruce La Bruce, Pepe Dayaw, Sebastian Dietrich, Gabriel Flückiger, Sonia Genoese, Desiree Gnaba, Fred Lonidier, Lea Schaffner, Romy Rüegger, Philip Scheffner, Riikka Tauriainen, Lolo Vin, Jeremy Wade, Olivia Wiederkehr, Ian Wooldridge

A countdown is running in this year’s Master Fine Arts Degree Show. In a partly vacant 1980s office building that is awaiting demolition, it is pacing the performances, screenings, workshops, lectures and conversations presented by the graduates and a wealth of intriguing guests.

While putting together the show, the graduates formed groups to develop their approach of “in- and dividual” contributions, taking responsibility to activate their shared situations. Similarities and contrasts have been accentuated to put on an exhibition format and a program of events that continues “to connect in its divisions and to divide in its connections”.

In the degree show’s countdown mode, artistic, curatorial and discursive works become open to the public. Students connect e.g. their interests in forms of organization and protest within current institutional hierarchies to a former master degree presentation—that of the American artist Fred Lonidier in 1972.

Lines of conflict inch along determined and unbounded landscapes and bodies. Enacting such dividing lines are an array of student presentations: Investigations of the global flow of copper and with that, the exploitation of specific territories and their subjects; followed by delicate, almost disturbing explorations along spatial borders criss-crossed by traumatically charged mental spaces.

teilungen can be understood as a formational process, a philosophical thinking of dividuality and con/division, consolidating the singular and the manifold within a dense assemblage. “The animal of the molecular revolution will be neither mole nor snake, but a drone-animal-thing that is solid, liquid, and a gas.” (Gerald Raunig)

teilungen is curated by Joerg Franzbecker (curator, Berlin), knowbotig/Christian Huebler (artist and professor at MFA) and Katrin Mayer (artist, Berlin/Düsseldorf).


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An ebook will be published alongside the show, currently downloadable on our website.

For any further enquiries, please contact Claudia Kübler: [email protected].


Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) Master Fine Arts degree show 2016

September 6, 2016