October 5, 2016

“THAT ART EXHIBITS” conference program: on the idea of artistic curating and the tactics of display

LUCA School of Arts
Lucas Despriet, 2009.

The two-day international conference “THAT ART EXHIBITS” will draw attention to what it means for art to exhibit. With a specific focus on artistic research the conference brings together research projects that integrate processes of artistic agency and mediation in the field of contemporary art and visual culture at large, beyond the ostensible dichotomy between artist and curator. “THAT ART EXHIBITS” explores the notions of curation and display/exhibition as artistic research practices.

Everyone is free to participate in the conference, but registration is required. All conference details and the registration form on our website. During the conference you can also visit LUX, the LUCA Showcase 2016.

“THAT ART EXHIBITS” is an EARN conference organised by LUCA School of Arts and the Lieven Gevaert Research Centre, in cooperation with rAAk (Research Center for Architecture & the Arts at KU Leuven Association) and Villa Empain – Boghossian Foundation.

Keynote presentations

Chus Martínez—Head of the Institute of Art of the FHNW Academy of Arts and Design in Basel
Execute The Few Hundred Sensual and Sentimental Motions That Define Your Limits. Or the tale of a museum invented by an artist, a rainforest as its museologist and a duck as its best viewer.

Barnaby Drabble & Federica Martini—ECAV, Switzerland
Sentimental Museology

Johan Grimonprez
Radical Ecology

Gavin Wade—Director of Eastside Projects, Birmingham
Narrative, Display & Production


Thursday, October 13, 9am–5:30pm
LUCA School of Arts, campus Sint-Lukas Brussels, Paleizenstraat 70
–Keynote presentations by Barnaby Drabble & Federica Martini and Johan Grimonprez
–Presentations by Naomi Siderfin, Dieter De Vlieghere, Ola Hassanain, Ana Adamovic & Zsuzsi Flohr, John Ryan Brubaker, Haseeb Ahmed, Tuula Närhinen, Cathy O’Carroll, Filip Van Dingenen, Irina Gheorghe, and Wim Goossens

Thursday, October 13, 7–9pm
Villa Empain, Franklin Rooseveltlaan 67, Brussels
–Guided exhibition tour: Décor
–Keynote lecture by Chus Martínez

Friday, October 14, 9:30am–3pm
Beursschouwburg, Rue A. Ortsstraat 20-28, Brussels
–Keynote presentation by Gavin Wade
–Lectures by David Steans, Alaena Turner, Sarah Kate Wilson, Eva Cardon, Jeroen Verbeeck, Anja Isabel Schneider
–Round table and conclusions

Friday October 14, 4:30pm
Anatomical Theatre, Leuven,Minderbroedersstraat 52, Leuven
–Guided exhibition tour: Allan Sekula: Mining Section (Bureau des mines)
–Presentation: Allan Sekula: Mining Section (Bureau des mines). Collaborative Notes, AraMER, 2016.


2016 EARN conference program: "THAT ART EXHIBITS" at LUCA School of Arts

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