October 10, 2016

MFA Advanced Standing starting January with fast track to Low-Residency Creative PhD

Transart Institute
Morgan O’Hara, Live Transmission, Transart Triennale, 2016. Photo: Aleks Slota.

New MFA Advanced Standing
Start in January! Accepted applicants with graduate level work from accredited institutions will be granted one semester of advanced standing to the low-residency MFA Creative Practice. Participate in your first residency January 9 through 13 in New York City. Scholarships are available.

Fast track to the Low-Residency Creative PhD
Particularly focussed students who have achieved an MFA level creative thesis project in the first year and aim to progress to the Transart MPhil/PhD program will be invited to develop—in negotiation with an advisory team—their proposal.

“The Imperceptible Self” Social Practice Scholarships
Klaus Knoll Writing Scholarships
Merit awards

Research at Transart
International diaspora, post-nationalism and post-colonialism; identity; exile; the role of art in peace and mediation; space in between; home; temporary architecture; cultural engagement through food; foreignness, otherness and the uncanny; and publicness, collaboration and the social are areas Transart Institute is particularly interested in supporting and instigating research, projects and practices in. We champion independent thinking, experimentation and informed endeavors. We champion independent thinking, experimentation and informed endeavors. Transart research initiatives, including the Transart Triennale, ELSE Journal and new NEST (New Experiments in Sharing Terrain) project, are what make the Transart educational experience vital, relevant, and useful. Erasing the divide between academia and current cultural concerns, theory and practice, we offer opportunities for students, alumni, faculty and advisors to forge meaningful relationships internationally and across disciplines, to build networks and create experiences that expand, enhance and sustain their practices.

Transart Institute: The Un-School for International Creative Practice
Low-residency MFA/PhD + Mid-Career Summer Academy
Artist-run, post-national and utopian since 2004.
Accredited by Plymouth University, UK


Call for applications: MFA Advanced Standing with fast track to Low-Residency Creative PhD at Transart Institute

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